Monday Morning Mountain Magic

On Monday morning, very early,  I made the hike up the Face Track to the top of the Mt Roland plateau. I had been planning to do it on Sunday however the pouring early morning rain suggested it may not be the best time to do it. 

A couple of recent hikes to Mt Claude had shown me the wildflowers were looking pretty good and I was hoping to find some scoparia...described here...

The Tasmanian wilderness is the only place in the world you'll find the ferociously prickly plant known as scoparia (Richea scoparia). It forms dense thickets that few bushwalkers would want to be flung into.

I wasn't disappointed!


Above Mt. Claude

An early visit to Mt Claude mid-week paid off with some great conditions!



There are some great wildflowers around at the moment and a good place to see them is the hike up to Mt Claude from the Round Mountain Lookout in Olivers Road. Whilst there are some very steep sections in the first section up the towers access road, overall its around 5 - 6km out and back to really take in the great display. This mornings foggy conditions and dampness really added a nice atmosphere to the scenery.



Did you know the collective noun for cormorants is "gulp"?So here's a gulp of cormorants from this morning flying over the neighbours dam with Mt Roland looking rather nice in the background. Seemed suited to black and white.......


Let There Be Light!

A fantastic burst of sun rays this morning over the back fence. It's pretty good when you can just wander over to the fence to catch a scene like this!


Make 2021 a Year to Remember!

My new Tasmania is ready to go!! After 4 months down here I've put together a fantastic collection of images highlighting my local area, the Kentish Municipality. Check out the images...then let me know how many you want to order! A3 size when opened up. $20 each.


Paddock Panoramas

 Here's a couple of panoramas from the paddock next door. The first is from a few days ago, a slightly different view of Mt Roland from down a bit lower and the second is from this morning when the mountain had a lovely lenticular cloud crowning its peaks.


The Mountains

This is an early morning view from Staverton looking across the trees to Mt Roland on the left, Mt VanDyke just poking its summit through the clouds just to the right of centre, and Mt Claude on the right.


Next Door

We have a great farm next door to us here in Tassie and the farmer is very happy for me to wander in to take a few pics. Last week I visited the paddock quite a few times for some great early morning conditions. It continues to amaze how this one area can offer so much! The first one here from Friday is my favourite though I reckon some of the others aren't too bad...and the cows were very helpful with their posing!


The Promised Land

Whilst I've been capturing new images daily here in Tasmania (over 4 months now!) I've been a bit negligent in posting here so I think it's time to start sharing some of the amazing landscapes I'm discovering. To get things going here's a sunrise from Monday morning only a short distance from home in a locality called Promised Land!


Snow Time

It's been a while since my last post. We had a fantastic snow event last Saturday here around Mt Roland and Sheffield and of course I wa...