Colour or Black and White?

I really like both of these.......but not sure which is my favourite?!


Warrenheip - The Tower

On Monday evening I headed west out to Warrenheip. Some nice big skies helped with a few images, and this old tower in a paddock often catches my eye.


Big Bend National Park, Texas

One of the highlights of the trip....especially the afternoon and evening when the skies really played their part! And then the next morning wasn't too bad either!


Devils Kitchen

A different, higher viewpoint from previous visits here - Devils Kitchen is about 32km south west from Ballarat. Enormous potential with the right conditions, but I was happy with this pair when some late light broke through.


Morning Boatsheds

Sunday morning at Lake Wendouree.


Autumn at Narmbool

Friday afternoon I went down to Narmbool, one of the gardens I'm focusing on for the Australian Garden History Conference here in Ballarat in November. Some great autumn colours at the moment, a real pleasure to wander round and take it all in. And a colourful sky on the way home.


The 62 Minutes

Heres another selection from Thursdays 62 minute session at Lake Burrumbeet.


The Grand Canyon

When flying back to LA from Miami, we flew through Denver across to LA, and were fortunate to fly over some pretty nice scenery. This is one of the best images I have ever captured out of the window, usually the glass is dirty and distorted, but must have had this one at just the right angle.

North, South, 62 Minutes

Interesting title....! First one here is looking north from Lake Burrumbeet at 5.02pm, then, 62 minutes later, looking south. Some other great images in between I'll post later.


Morning Mist, Jackson State Forest, California

A bonus image for today from last Mays visit to California...once again found this whilst looking for something else!

Guadalupe Mountain National Park, Texas

A couple from Texas.....the Salt Basin Dunes and another catching the brilliant clear skies in this part of the world.


Windermere and Lake Burrumbeet

Headed out to see how Lake Burrumbeet was...water level has dropped a bit but still looking good. Caught a couple of images out at Windermere on the way....always nice to see the suns rays breaking free!


Kangaroo Hills, Blampied

I came across this whilst looking for other images, and rather than let it gather dust I thought it was worth a view here. Its the Kangaroo Hills out near Blampied on the way to Daylesford, about 35km from Ballarat. Some lovely light on the hills, eh?

The Gardens and the Lake

First chance to check out the Ballarat Botanic Gardens and Lake Wendouree since my return....a couple of close ups here from the gardens, and some nice late light at the Lake. Actually its not so late now that daylight savings finished!


Mondays Mixed Bunch

Some nice conditions on a cold day out north of Ballarat, passing through Mt. Rowan, Sulky, Mt. Pisgah and the Mt Hollowback area. Apparently there hasn't been much rain in the last few weeks but its looking very green nonetheless.


Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona

Our first stop on the trip......this was USA National Park No. 39. I''l try and post a couple of images from each of the 7 parks we visited on this trip over the next few days.

Big Cypress National Preserve, Florida

From the trip....I knew when I was taking this that it was perfect for a black and white image conversion......the colour looks good but this one is a lot stronger.

A Welcome Return.......

....last night just out of Ballarat. This is near Clarkes Hill, looking north from Boundary Church Rd, and then the sunset looking east from the Ballarat-Daylesford Rd. Nice to see some gum trees!


Above the Clouds

After a long, but OK, flight home we flew in to find Sydney covered by a fog bank.....the pilot was all set to land when he changed his mind and decided to go around for another approach. Lucky for me as on the return approach from the north I caught a few images of Sydney sitting above the clouds. Back in Ballarat now.....can't wait to go out locally, and start to sift through the many great images from the trip.

Flying across America

We spent all day Thursday crossing the country....and saw some interesting sights out the window. This is Monument Valley in Arizona. We've been here twice before, but never seen it from the air. Currently sitting in San Fran waiting for our flight home.


The Florida Keys

Last day out east....down on the Florida Keys. Off to LA today for a night and day, then home.........

Biscayne National Park

Back in Miami area saw us returning to Biscayne.....went out on the boat to do a snorkel tour and this is a view on the way back. Yes, the water really is that colour!

U.S. Virgin Islands National Park

Been offline now for a few days but finally back after 3 days on the USVI.....heres a quick sunset from last night at Cinnamon Bay......plenty more to come...its 1am here in to bed!

Snow Time

It's been a while since my last post. We had a fantastic snow event last Saturday here around Mt Roland and Sheffield and of course I wa...