The Warmth and the Cold

Once again the fantastic conditions continues...this time on  a very cold Tuesday morning when it got down to minus 1. There were some spectacular fields of white frost as I headed down to Lal Lal Reservoir. Once again I took many, many images however I wanted this one to stand on its own. Once the sun came up and started to add its warmth to the landscape, the areas still in the shade made a striking contrast with their deep blues, and the dusting of frost added a nice element as well.
Make sure you click on this as I have left it a bit larger than normal.

Windermere Wonder

The fantastic conditions and light continues.....
On a very cold, almost freezing Monday morning I was out west at Windermere, just off the freeway, where the Burrumbeet Creek winds its way through the landscape. The first image here is before sunrise with the more subdued colour palette. However, once the sun gets up the whole scene changes dramatically...the colours are rich and vibrant, and the even the white patches of frost add something special to the view.
And just for something different, a bunch of mushrooms back in Ballarat, next to the Old Cemetery.
The cold, calm conditions are set to continue, too........!


Sunday Set

There was a quick burst of colour on the horizon on Sunday morning out at Newlyn north...that quickly faded away. I was on my way home through Creswick when I thought a quick fly over Park Lake might give me something worth while, and these 2 images are quite amazing. The 2nd one here, showing the small island in the lake, is very almost looks like a burst of fireworks in the sky!

Mt Warrenheip Wonder

The views across to Mt Warrenheip on Saturday morning from the side of Mt Buninyong were nothing short of's a selection of the amazing conditions as the light and fog banks were constantly changing.


Sensational Saturday Sunrise

Another amazing start to the day on Saturday. I found myself on the side of Mt Buninyong after scouting around in very grey, flat conditions. I figured that if I was up high and things did open up a bit, it could get interesting. This is a first set of what turned into a spectacular display. The last one here will give you an idea of some others I have to share......the views across to Mt Warrenheip were fantastic!


Fantastic Friday Fotos

This is a continuation of the fantastic day I had on Friday.
Initially I was up early and out at Mt Warrenheip and Dunnstown. The fog was actually too thick to do much with, though I captured a couple of nice images on the road up Mt Warrenheip. Coming back into Ballarat and Lake Wendouree I could see some fog still hanging over the school boat sheds on the north side of the first stop to capture some aerials. Shortly after that I realised I might get some great conditions above the Botanical Gardens...which turned out to be the highlight of the day. I reckon it was almost the perfect time of year as there is still some nice autumn colours with plenty of green, and even the trees that have lost their leaves added a nice extra element to the scene.
Later in the afternoon, with some great clouds above the lake, I went flying above View Point where the reflections of the clouds in the calm lake surface once again create an almost surreal effect.



I had another epic day of photography on Friday...the second Friday in a row. I've got many images to go through from a number of different locations. I thought I'd post this image from the Ballarat Botanical Gardens on its own....probably the most amazing conditions I've ever had at the gardens. This was early morning, about an hour after sunrise.

Windfarm Wonder

This is what winter weather is all about!
On Thursday afternoon, with the great rain we had overnight and through the day finally starting to break up, I decided to head out amongst the wind farm out towards Waubra. It was the sort of conditions that quite often brings rainbows, and after taking many, many images before this one, the conditions came together perfectly for this grand panorama. It was cold, wet and windy...and totally worth it!
Plenty more to share from a fantastic session, however I thought this one deserved to sit on its own....mMake sure you click on this for a bigger look!

The Colour Continues

Is Ballarat one of the most colourful cities in Australia?
On Wednesday morning a slight touch of pink in the sky well before sunrise had me heading up to Lake Wendouree. Though initially the colour looked to be fading, by the time I had decided on my spot for the morning it started to build, and almost surprisingly, developed into quite a spectacular display of colour. At first it was a small band of colour nicely placed around Mt Warrenheip, and slowly it built up to encompass the whole sky. I'm glad I made the effort as the weather deteriorated throughout the day and the rain started to fall. 


Tuesdays Aerial Adventures

Tuesday's forecast was for calm weather, so I was up at Lake Wendouree for the sunrise.....though I didn't get to see the sun! Still, a couple of nice images was a good reward, and I'm always happy to go flying.
Later in the day I headed out to Lake Burrumbeet, and the clouds that had moved in again after a clear afternoon made for some great reflections in the constantly changing surface of the lake as it continues to fill slowly. Some good rain forecast over the next week will raise the levels even further and offer new views, which really benefit from the high vantage point. I'm really loving the abstracts I'm get from out at Burrumbeet!


Full Moon magic

Another week starts with a full moon setting at Lake Wendouree above the Yacht Club. When I first arrived here the sky was clear, though it didn't take very long for the clouds to move in and add just the right amount of drama to the scene. And by setting a slow shutter speed I was able to slow down the water surface into this texture. Just a few minutes after this the clouds totally covered up the moon. A bit later the sun did make a valiant effort to show itself which I captured a bit further around amongst the boat shed, before the final image of the yachts at rest.


Super Sturt Street Sunday Sunrise

The colour continues..... On Sunday morning I could see we were in for another colourful sunrise, and for something a bit different I decided to head down to Sturt Street and catch the colour looking east out toward Mt Warrenheip. It was quite a show and certainly a bit different to my usual sunrises.


Snow Time

It's been a while since my last post. We had a fantastic snow event last Saturday here around Mt Roland and Sheffield and of course I wa...