Black and White

On Friday I found the cygnets at Lake Wendouree and captured an number of images. This one worked well in black and white with the lovely water reflections and also gave me the opportunity to pull out a couple of other recent black and white images that I've had sitting here from the last couple of weeks. You could almost say they represent three icons of the local district......


End of Winter Colour

Whilst Thursday was mostly grey and windy, there was a very intense start to the day out at Bullarook. Once again the birds helped me out in the second image here, flying through at just the right time.
And whilst we are looking at some colour, there was quite a nice sunset at Lake Wendouree on's a couple of views.....


Ice Sculpture

We had our coldest day of the year on Wednesday....minus 3.8! A lovely crisp morning had me searching for interesting images amongst the frost covered fields out of Ballarat and I almost stumbled upon this amazing image that was literally at my feet. It shows a frozen puddle with some incredible geometric ice formations with a plant growing underneath that has just caught some light from the sun. Wow!

Crystal Clear

Some lovely conditions on Tuesday morning out at Weatherboard, north west of Ballarat, where the air was crystal clear and the early morning sun really lit up the landscape.
Once I got back into Ballarat, Lake Wendouree still had some nice pockets of fog so I took the chance to capture the weedeater on the Lake.


Silo Set

No frost or fog on Monday morning, though it was certainly cold enough. However, I did have a setting full moon to keep me happy, and this new set of silos at Windermere, west of Ballarat, provided a nice foreground.


Dunnstown Delight

Another cold frosty morning on Sunday, and this time with some great fog! I ended up just out of Dunnstown along the railway line where there was some great views of Mt Warrenheip as well as a couple of nice views looking down. I came home via the Botanical Gardens where this view through the lingering fog has a very painterly feel about it...can you see the Statuary Pavilion hindden in there?


Spider Spiral

Another lovely frosty morning on Saturday and this image has me quite intrigued. I'm certainly no expert on spider webs, however I can't remember seeing one like this before with it's very unusual spiral construction. How do they do it?!

Frosty Friday

Some lovely frosty conditions on Friday morning. I made a quick flying visit (literally!) to Lal Lal Falls just before sunrise before concentrating on this tree on the Yendon-Lal Lal Road. It's always a nice sound when you can hear the crunching of frost underneath your feet!


That's a Lot of Magazines!

You may remember last week when I posted about one of my images making it as the "Photo of the Day" on the website of the USA's top Landscape Photography magazine "Outdoor Photographer". Well, things have got even better as an image I captured last year of the pelicans at Lake Burrumbeet is in this months issue of the printed magazine. It's a real thrill to realise this image will be seen in over 200,000 copies of the magazine! So here's the image again and also showing you the page and cover in the magazine......


Big Sky Ballarat

I'm getting a bit behind in my uploads with heaps of images to work through. Here's a quick sunset from Thursday evening at Lake Wendouree. I was watching the clouds from well before this and knew that something pretty special would happen....only challenge was to fit all the clouds in!

Back Hill Blast

Here's some more from Wednesday's fantastic foggy morning here in Ballarat. This series is from the Black Hill Lookout. I particularly like the third one here....amazing to think you can get a scene like this so close to the middle of the City.
....and the sunset last night at Lake Wendoureee wasn't too bad, either!


Fantastic Foggy Fun

We had a fantastic foggy start to the day here in Ballarat (and out of town). Here's a couple from the Railway Station......heaps more to come!


Looking Down

On Monday morning I found a nice spot out at Newlyn where this tree was reaching for the sky on the edge of a small lake. Even though the light was quite dull it's still possible to find worthwhile images from up high.

Trust Me, It Was Snowing!

Whilst it did snow a little on Sunday morning there was not enough at Mt Warrenheip to settle for too long. Certainly felt cold enough, that's for sure!
There was a pretty nice view looking to the north as some nice clouds moved through, and the last one here shows what you can find inside the car whilst waiting for the snow!


Can You See It?

A quiet day on Saturday after all my waterfall chasing. A simple sunrise at Lake Wendouree and a good chance to share a foggy start to Friday morning out amongst the hill of Mollongghip.


6 in 5

I've had a little project going this last week to make the most of the good water levels in the Ballarat district. The plan was to visit five waterfalls in five didn't quite work out that way as it ended up being 6 in 5 days!
The first one was the well known Lal Lal Falls on Monday and after going through the images I found this one worked well when cropped down to a panorama format....and that set the tone for the rest of the week. It's amazing what we have so close to fact these are just a small part of the close to 20 waterfalls I've found all within 40km of Ballarat.
And make sure you click on these for a larger look!


Steam Time

Another image today from the Steaming Cliffs of Lake Rotomahana in New Zealand. As you can see an incredible array of colour in the cliffs and with the steam swirling around it all, it was quite a surreal place.
I'm working on a special little project this week that I'll post tomorrow.......stay tuned!


With consistent rain this month there is a lot of water around the Ballarat district at the moment and I'm making the most if it. This series from Wednesday afternoon comes from a local stream ..... I never get tired of playing with the textures the flowing water creates.


Amongst the Trees

With strong winds forecast all week I wasn't expecting to be able to go flying for a while. However on Tuesday morning the east side of Mt Warrenheip was well sheltered and with a combination of fog and sunlight I was able to capture a nice series of images in amongst the trees.


Snow Time

It's been a while since my last post. We had a fantastic snow event last Saturday here around Mt Roland and Sheffield and of course I wa...