I posted my top images for 2017 in the last few posts, however maybe I should have waited another day. This set is from December 31st, maybe there were some contenders in this lot?
The forecast once again had me searching for the promised patchy fog and once again Lake Burrumbeet was the place to be. All the aerials are from the west side of the lake with a few more at ground level, then on the way back around the lake to Ballarat I thought a visit might be worthwhile to the east side of the lake as there was still some patchy fog.
Not a bad end to the year, and to 365 days in a row! Really looking forward to what 2018 will bring me.

6/3-13.43 (7.10,6.33)

2017 Part 3 - The Aerials

It's hard to believe it's been 3 years since I started taking aerial images, and this year has certainly been quite an amazing journey. I still get excited every time I got out with the chance of getting to fly, and my decision to chase early mornings throughout the year has certainly paid off. In fact 9 of the images here were taken on foggy mornings, something I made a point of chasing all year. I feel all the views here are unique in their own right, certainly images we were not able to capture until recently. However, as much as the view itself is part of the equation, the big factor, as with all landscape photography, is to get the perfect light and conditions.
1. Ibis Island, Lake Wendouree - on the west side of the Lake there are some small islands and it's only when you get up high that you realise they are round. Some early morning sunrise light reflected in the surface creates a lovely colour palette.
2. Burrumbeeta Falls, West of Ballan - I knew if I waited long enough at this spot on the Moorabool River East, a Melbourne line train would come through
3. The Foggy Arch, Sturt Street West, Ballarat - a foggy Saturday night created some unique views when looking down at the Arch
4. Lal Lal Falls - always one of my favourite locations and with some great flow this year it takes on a whole new aspect from this viewpoint.
5. Reverse Fogbow, Coghills Creek - St Davids church at Coghills Creek is uniquely framed by a reverse fogbow one lovely morning mid year.
6. Purple Haze, Lake Learmonth - perfect example of what aerial photography can reveal. I had no ideas this small farmers dam, on the edge of Lake Learmonth, resembled the guitar used by Jimi Hendrix many years ago!
7. The Tower at the Top of the Mountain, Mt Buninyong - a number of visits to Mt Buninyong throughout the year always had me returning home with a unique view.
8. The Pod, Lake Burrumbeet - probably my most visited location outside of Ballarat throughout the year, and chasing the perfect pelican image I was thrilled to catch this pod of 437 one foggy morning.
9. The Melbourne Train Crosses the Lal Lal Creek Valley, Bungaree South - another example of waiting for the Melbourne train to make an appearance across the viaduct south of Bungaree on a foggy spring morning.
10. The Ridge Across the Lake, Lake Burrumbeet - an incredible band of fog sits above Lake Burrumbeet. What caused it? I have no idea!
11. Forget Me Nots, Mt Warrenheip - another well visited location, especially once the Forget-Me-Nots have appeared and after multiple visits I came home with this spectacular  scene just as the sun starts to burn through the low lying fog on the mountain.
12. Above The Carpet of Fog, Mt Beckworth - my number one image for the year. After heading out early one morning I quickly found myself totally enveloped in fog. Deciding to take a chance I headed out to Mt Beckworth and once I got up above the fog this incredible view was revealed.

The Penultimate Day

Second last day of the year on Saturday and I was out at Lake Burrumbeet for the sunrise. Whilst the clouds  and fog were missing, there is always plenty to find out there, including this lone ranger.
Plenty of other birds around, too, specially the cormorants who all decided to take off at the same time from one of the small islands.
I've got a feeling the last day of the year is going to be a good one! ;)


2017 Part 2

Time for the second instalment of my favourite images from 2017. This series all come from the Ballarat district, all within 42kms of Ballarat and all taken at ground level. I could have picked many more to go in this post, however I had to draw the line somewhere and so have limited myself to my top 12. Whilst I had this set selected a few days ago, there was late addition. The last image here is from a spectacular sunset at Lake Wendouree last night (Dec. 29). I've had my eye on this set of 3 yachts for a while now, just waiting for the right conditions....I think these ARE the right conditions!
1. The Island, Lake Burumbeet
2. Eastern Peake Morn
3. Egret Takes Flight, Lake Burrumbeet
4. The Comet Sunrise, View from Mt Hollowback looking east
5. The Three Wise Men, Lake Wendouree
6. Mammatus Magic, Glenbrae
7. Rakali Breakfast, Lake Wendouree
8. Morning Cruise, Lake Burrumbeet
9. Weatherboard Hill
10. Full Moon Amongst the Towers, Addington
11. Woady Falls, Piggoreet
12. The Last Sunset, Lake Wendouree

Ballarat's Icons

After Thursday's visit to the Arch I was keen to make the most of the similar calm conditions on Friday morning at another Ballarat icon - the Railway Station. No hiding what time I was there in these pics, along with a nice view looking west down Mair Street.


2017 Part 1

With 2017 coming to an end, I thought I would take the chance over the last 3 days of the year to post some of my favourite images. I've got three separate categories to post.....
1. Tasmania
2. Ballarat District Ground Level 
3. Ballarat District Aerials. 
I'll save my number one image for the year until the last post.....
Starting with my Top 12 from our trip to Tasmania way back at the end of January/early February. This was our first non-USA trip in 9 years and I must say that after 2 weeks down south, I can see Tasmania and it's 19 National Parks becoming my next major project. If I can capture this much in such a short trip, imagine what I can do in multiple visits! We are really looking forward to returning in March 2018.....
I know a lot of you are big fans of Tasmania, so if you would like to see a more comprehensive gallery, please visit this link....

1. Dove Lake Drama, Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park
2. Nelson Falls, Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park
3. Horseshoe Falls, Mt. Field National Park
4. Coal Point Sunrise Red, South Bruny Island
5. Coal Point Sunrise Blue, South Bruny Island
6. The Lighthouse, South Bruny National Park
7. Remarkable Cave, Tasman National Park
8. Cape Huay, Tasman National Park
9. Waterpool Reflections, Douglas-Apsley National Park
10. The Hazards, Coles Bay, Freycinet National Park
11. Morning Blue, Bay of Fires, North East Coast
12. Cataract Gorge, Launceston

Snow Time

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