More Gold

A couple more from last night out at Bo Peep....I also got to go for a fly and caught some nice conditions just after sunset looking north and west along Bo Peep Creek that flows in Lake Burrumbeet.


Golden Sunset

Some much brighter conditions on Wednesday evening again out at Bo Peep. This time a lovely sunset across the canola fields.....

All About The Skies

Though there was no sun around on Tuesday evening, the clouds more than made up for it. Had a tour around the Bo Peep / Windermere area following a massive bank of clouds culminating in a view above one of my favourite locations....the Windermere Seed Silos.


Chasing the Moon

I had another very early start on Monday morning so i could catch the setting moon at Lake Wendouree. There was a bank of clouds (at 5,33am!) on the horizon that added some nice textures to the light before the moon disappeared totally, however I hung around for a while to catch the changing light as the sun was rising behind me. The lovely soft pastels are my favourite image here, and finally the sun crested the horizon to light up the boat sheds in the Yacht Club Precinct. And just for good measure, here's the moon from the night before.



I was due out at Kooroocheang near Smeaton, north of Ballarat, around 7.30am on Sunday morning to photograph a farm, however the forecast of early fog saw me heading west to Lake Burrumbeet around 5.30. I'm glad I made the effort because as you can see from this collection, it was something very special! From the north west corner overlooking Lake Burrumbeet you get a really nice high view and when I got here I knew this was something the likes of I'd never seen before. The perfectly placed sheep in this paddock added the perfect element across the surreal lansdcape as the fog moved around, actually increasing as the sun broke the horizon. I don't usually post this many images but felt this was certainly worth the show....and a quick drive down the road alongside the lake was rewarded with another ideally placed element ...this cow and spider web.
I did make it over to Kooroocheang by 7.30 and once again had some great conditions...though thats another story, and post!


Spring Light

Some lovely calm conditions on Saturday for aerials so headed down to the Ballarat Railway Station. Now that we are well into Spring the sun has dropped down further south as it sets and now lights up the front of the tower. 


The 2016 Calendar

Good news....just received my 2016 Calendars, another great selection of Ballarat and district images.    A3 size, $20 each, 2 for $45! - get your orders in now.
Click on the pic for a bigger look at a few sample pages or visit this link..

Yes, More Canola!

This field north of Creswick has some of the best patterns in it and now that I can get up above the landscape, the options are endless. A lot of the canola north of Creswick is nearing its peak, so with a bit of sunshine around I knew where I had to go. And a ground level image with some nice clouds finished off a nice evening.


Last Light at Lake Burrumbeet

I waited around at Lake Burrumbeet on Wednesday evening for the chance of some nice sunset colour. I grabbed a couple of bird images as I waited for the sun to sink, hopefully, into the gap on the horizon. However, the closer it got to sunset the more the clouds moved across to block out the sun's last few minutes for the day.......


Side By Side

Still chasing the perfect canola field....this field was out near Mt Warrenheip and the rolling nature of it allowed some nice compositions with the contrasting red soil in the paddock next door. And an unusual viewpoint in the second one here with a wall of canola seeming to rise up behind the fence. I'll keep looking for that perfect shot!


The Hills of Mollongghip

On Monday afternoon I ventured out north east of Ballarat to see what awaited me out amongst the hills around Mollongghip. They usually have canola fields by now, though there were not to many to be seen, only away in the distance. However, I did get some great images with the fast moving clouds, firstly stopping at Clarkes Hill for that classic view across to the Waubra Wind Farm. Then onto to a high point above Dean Reservoir that gives you spectacular westerly views from one of the highest points thats easily accessible.
Gotta say it was pretty cold, too!


West Side Wonder

A continuation of the earlier post from Sunday's visit out to the west side of Lake Burrumbeet. Everything is so vibrant at the moment and when you get that early morning sun across the landscape, the light creates something very special, especially the second one here!

West Side Sunrise

On Sunday morning I was up nice and early for a trip out to the west side of Lake Burrumbeet for sunrise. Though there weren't too many clouds around, this location always gives me plenty of opportunity with the great subject matter. The view from up high in the north west corner of the lake is always worth a quick stop before I head further down the west side of the lake to what has become a favourite spot for sunrise. 
And I haven't even got to the aerials from here yet....thats to come!


Snow Time

It's been a while since my last post. We had a fantastic snow event last Saturday here around Mt Roland and Sheffield and of course I wa...