Water Water

Some fantastic rainfall over Friday night and Saturday has added to the all ready good water around the district and I thought a visit to Borumbeeta Falls near Ballan might be worthwhile...I was right! 
The only time I've seemed more water at this spot was a few years ago when the water level was higher enough that the falls were totally submerged!

Two Creeks

Some lovely conditions on Friday morning out north of Clunes. The first couple are from Birch's Creek and the last is a another totally new location for me....the Creswick Creek as it meanders its way through a lovely valley  These two creeks merge together not far from this spot to become the Tullaroop Creek.


Mirror Mirror

The recent rain has seen Lake Learmonth come back to life, and though it still has a long way to go, the swans have been flying in from all over the district.
This is from Wednesday morning....and I really suggest you click on it for a bigger look!

Up High

This morning I was out south east of Ballarat around Yendon where the Moorabool Windfarm continues to grow week by week. Here's a couple of images, the first before the sun has risen and the second shows the amazing light on the blade as the sun has just crested the horizon.
Don't forget to click on these for a much bigger look!


A Couple of Falls

I've got a big back-log of images to get to from the last couple of weeks...here's a couple from a week or so ago, the first showing Moorabool Falls and the next one looking down on Granite Falls.


The Frost

The coldest morning of the year so far here in Ballarat with minus 2.5 degrees. I knew there was a good chance of some great frosts. This pier at Lake Learmonth was totally covered in a fine coat of frost.....

The Fog

You may have noticed a bit of fog around Ballarat this morning...here's a few images from a few different locations....


Black and White

Here's a couple of images from Saturday morning that I felt were best suited to black and white. 


Short One

We had some very thick fog in Ballarat this morning...this image is from Lake Wendouree looking across to the lights at the Yacht Club well before dawn on the shortest day of the year.

The Big Smoke

No prizes for guessing where I was on Wednesday afternoon and evening.....


The Start.....

This morning was the start of what looks to be a great few days coming up. Some very cold temps forecast getting down to minus one in a day or so...today was a balmy 0.8 on Mt Warrenheip where the sun burst through the fog with some great light....

Long Point

A couple of images here from a week or so ago...a very nice morning above the Long Point Forest Reserve, which is in Gillies Road, north of Creswick.
The Long Point Bushland Reserve is a significant site due to its remarkable mix of remnant vegetation which has endured and regenerated itself after the extensive land disturbances of 19th century mining.



Here's another image from the very frosty morning last weekend....looking down on Birch Creek north of Clunes. Some lovely autumnal colours hanging in there, contrasted nicely with the white, frosty fields.


There were some spectacular foggy conditions this morning ... this is a view north of Ballarat, showing the towers on Mt Hollowback sitting in a lenticular cloud that was draped over the mountain.

A Wondrous Week

Another fantastic week locally here in Ballarat...here's one from each day....
And make sure you click on these for a larger look, I've left them a lot bigger than normal (so you can see the cows in the 4th one!)
1. Saturday - A brand new location north of Clunes along Birch Creek was a real thrill (I've got a few more from here!)
2. Sunday - Amongst the mist at Long Point Mining Reserve, north of Creswick
3. Monday - Granite and Water, Yarrowee River at the Gong Gong
4. Tuesday - Cattle rustling atop Shallowback Hill at Learmonth
5. Wednesday - The Low Clouds settling on Hollowback Hill, north of Ballarat (it's amazing how green everything is now!)
6. Thursday - The Towers atop Mt Warrenheip (the same morning as the rainbow image I posted yesterday)
7. Friday - amongst the mist at Mt Beckworth Scenic Reserve (the blurriness in the image is from water on the lens and would you believe this is an aerial image!!)


Thursday Morning

I'm a day early with an image from my Ballarat district weekly round-up. You may not realise it but we've had a sensational week locally and this image from Thursday morning is just a taste of what else I have to share. This is from the top of Mt Warrenheip looking across to Mt Buninyong on what turned into a fantastic morning for photography.....

Twisted, Sister!

Whilst looking for something else I came across this image from Tasmania last year when we made a visit to Ben Lomond National Park in the north east of the state.....

The Ridge

Here's another image from the great morning I had at Cradle Mountain National Park, way back in March (!). In the background you can see that iconic ridge line of the rocky peaks above the Cradle that sits high above Dove Lake.

The Black Ribbon

I've still got a few Tassie images to share, however I thought I'd post this image from Sunday morning,  west of Creswick looking north up Gillies Road.....

Water Falling

With all the rain we've been getting lately I took the opportunity during the week to make my first visit for the year to Lal Lal Falls.....it was so good I went back again a couple of days later!
The first two images were taken from right on the edge of the falls, the next from the not-so-common opposite side whilst the final two were taken from a bit higher up!


Weekly Wind Up

Another Saturday rolls around so we must be due for another weekly Ballarat district catch-up.....
1. Sunrise north of Learmonth 
2. Morrning Moods, Weatherboard
3. Sunset, Lake Wendouree
4. Looking west out to the hills from Windermere
5. Sheep, Windermere
6. & 7. Sunrise, Learmonth
8. Pelicans, Lake Burrumbeet
9. Foggy Sheep, Mt. Callender
10. Misty Morn, Lake Wendouree


Snow Time

It's been a while since my last post. We had a fantastic snow event last Saturday here around Mt Roland and Sheffield and of course I wa...