The Final Countdown

Firstly...Happy New Year! 2019 was another fantastic year of photography and I'm sure 2020 will be even better.
To finish off my countdown of my best unseen images from the last year is this amazing morning at Lake Learmonth back in June. The Lake was just starting to fill up again and the low lying water and fog it created produced this spectacular scene as the swans wandered around the lake bed. I was back on shore a few hundred metres away realising this is something very special...and that's why it's my favourite image for 2019.

Countdown 7

Todays unseen gem from this past year comes from around the end of October. I made many visits to Mt Warrenheip through the year and on this morning there was some fantastic conditions, high above the towers. 
Make sure you come back tomorrow morning for the final in this series of unseen images from 2019, and what is my favourite image from the whole year!

Countdown 6

Continuing with the unseen images from 2019, this is one of my favourites from out at Mt Bolton one magic morning at the start of September....

Countdown 5

This amazing scene was from back at the end of September. I'm on the east side of Lake Burrrumbeet looking towards the south....

The Weeklies

Before I get back to my Unseen Countdown, here's this past weeks images. Some intense colour on a couple of mornings due to the smoky, hazy conditions we've been getting.


Countdown 4

Todays unseen image is from June when I was out north of Ballarat, just south of CLunes. This view is looking along the Glendaruel Creek...what really caught my eye apart from the stand of trees, is the amazing pathways the sheep have to walk along!

Countdown 3

Moving right along, and this time going back to January. Some great conditions out at Mt Ercildoune on this fine morning....

Countdown 2

Continuing my countdown of unseen images this year, this one is from Februar. On the road from Dunnstown down to Yendon, off to the left about half way you get a glimpse of an old shearing shed away on the distance and on this morning I figured it was worth a drive out the dirt road that gets you close enough to capture a good view......

The Countdown Begins....

As we come to the end of another year, I thought I would post an image a day until New Years Eve of some of the unseen images I have captured throughout the year. I have so many images from throughout the year, some of these deserve a viewing. I'll finish with my favourite image for the let's get started......
This image was captured out at the Black Swamp, just to the west of Lake Burrumbeet, on quite a nice morning  back in September.

Tasmania at the Lake

A few days ago I was flying over Lake Wendouree and if you go out alongside the rowing course, there are some great wetland areas that look pretty amazing from above. Now, is it just me, or does this small island look a bit like Tasmania?

Weekly Wrap Up

As well as the pelican images I showed yesterday, last week gave me plenty of opportunities both in town at Lake Wendouree, and out in the district....


Pelican Parades

Over the last week it was almost as if the pelicans were following me...or maybe I was following them? The groups are at Lake Burrumbeet, the Lone Ranger lives at Lake Wendouree.


Waratah Falls

I've seen a lot of images of Waratah Falls in Tasmania and was keen to visit this waterfall that is right in the middle of the small town of Waratah in the north west of the state. Most of the images I have seen always show the somewhat distracting buildings at the top behind the falls so it was nice to capture something a little different. The last one here shows what's thing about Tassie is the amazing ferns you find everywhere!


Another Week at the Lake

Once again Lake Wendouree put on a good show this last week, and though there were no huge sunrises or sunsets, there was still a nice range of different conditions.....


Snow Time

It's been a while since my last post. We had a fantastic snow event last Saturday here around Mt Roland and Sheffield and of course I wa...