Before It Disappears......

On Wednesday morning I made another visit to one of my local waterfalls to make the most of the increase in flowing water. This is Borrumbeeta Falls near Ballan and though I captured a number of images I'm just posting this one image, and in black and white! It's a view you can only get from up high, and it's amazing to realise that once the water level rises the falls will be totally submerged!

They're Back!

They're back! With some good recent rain I thought I'd take a trip down to some of my waterfalls to see how they're looking. And I'm happy to report that they are looking pretty good. Whilst they will get better, there was enough flow to keep me busy. The first 3 here are at Granite Falls where I made the big hike down to the bottom of the falls. And then on the way home a quick fly over Lal Lal Falls just as it was getting dark showed me how they were looking. I was actually a fair distance away and realised that by the time I hiked to them it may be too dark!


Autumn Lingers

On Monday morning at Lake Wendouree there were still plenty of autumn elements to keep me happy - it has been one of the best autumns I can remember. These were taken on the west side of the Lake around the Fairyland area. And the birds always grab my attention, too!


Steaming Along

A really nice sunrise on Sunday morning from the side of Mt Buninyong, however that will have to wait. I was keen to capture the steam train on show across the weekend as part of the Ballarat Heritage Weekend and this year I was after something a bit different. The first train due on Sunday left at 9.25am so I raced to get myself into position a few kms along the track. A couple of things I really like in the first one that great shadow of the train! And the last two are definitely a bit different...... what do you reckon?
I've got some great video, too, that I'll post a bit later.


Saturday Sunrise Show

Saturday morning at Lake Wendouree was quite a nice colour show at the end of the rowing course. Some intense colour lit up the sky, and I thought the Olympic Rings would make a nice silhouette against the sky. This weekend is Ballarat Heritage Weekend and I'm looking forward to chasing the steam train!


Fantastic Friday

With the forecast of fog and calm conditions, I was hopeful Friday morning would be a good one....and it was! I made my way out to the wind farm near Waubra for sunrise and came home with a fantastic range of images. This set is all from ground level and as you can see conditions were still fantastic when I got back into Ballarat and Lake Wendouree.
And as for the! I'll get to them next.........


A Simple!

A lack lustre day on Thursday had me once again grabbing the macro lens for some close ups, this time of a rose. The water droplets really add a nice element to this image, and whilst I know I'm not the first to capture this sort of image, it's all part of a process to teach myself macro photography.
Now, Friday morning...that was something very's a quick teaser......


George, Dean and Wendy

A great days photography on Wednesday started with a foggy morning out at St Georges Lake at Creswick. From there I made my way over to the Dean Reservoir for some soft, subtle tones amidst the lingering mist that was just starting to lighten. The end of the day was also well worth sharing with a nice sunset at Viewpoint at Lake Wendouree.


Great Indeed!

On Tuesday morning there was a very brief slice of colour on the horizon at Lake Wendouree that I just managed to capture. However, on my way back around the lake to home a flash of white caught my eye in the North Gardens Wetlands that had me grabbing the big lens where I spent some time capturing this  Eastern Great Egret. Amazing to think you can capture something this special so close to the City - I'm sure I could convince you I took this in some exotic location well away from all the hustle and bustle!


Nine Minutes

On Monday morning I was out east of Ballarat before sunrise and once I got myself to a high vantage point I could see the only spot with a bit of potential was Clarkes Hill. It was covered with a shroud of fast moving cloud so I headed over that way. By positioning myself behind the hill I was hopeful that once the sun came up it would light up the clouds. And indeed it did...with a spectacular, vibrant, ever changing show. This is nine minutes of the action!


Kingston Capers

With all the great autumn colour around at the moment, one location that's been high on my list is the Avenue of Honour at Kingston. On Sunday morning I was out that way, and though my idea was to capture it in early morning sunlight, the foggy conditions I got this morning I think were OK!
And whilst autumn is all about the colours of the leaves, I'm actually leaning towards the black and white version as my favourite. What do you think?


Awesome Autumn

We are in one of the most colourful autumns I can remember and after a run out along the Yarrowee Trail to the Gong Gong Reservoir on Saturday where I noticed some great colour, later in the day I made a visit out to Kirks Reservoir, which is just over the road from the Gong, as it always has nicer colour in the lovely lawns and trees. I captured quite a few playing around with star bursts and a bit later on after sitting in the car waiting to see what the light would do, I had an idea to play around with some camera movement blurs. Quite interesting, don't you think?


The Lake and Some Verticals

Out of nowhere on Friday morning a patch of light broke through at Lake Wendouree, looking across from View Point to the cafe and boat sheds. Just a few minutes earlier I captured this reflection of one of the lights on View Point and it seemed like a good time to post a couple of other verticals I captured earlier in the week at Lake Learmonth. The first of these images shows a tree just as the morning sun came up. Whilst nice enough in itself, it was the amazing shadow it cast the other way that really had my attention. With the low lying mist still hovering on the lake, the shadow the tree cast was very unusual (well, I thought so, anyway!)


Snow Time

It's been a while since my last post. We had a fantastic snow event last Saturday here around Mt Roland and Sheffield and of course I wa...