Lake Wendouree Reflections

A great sunset at Lake Wendouree on Sunday evening produced some very colourful images... I really like working with the reflections off the water. Make sure you click on the panorama for a bigger look!

Fireworks at Lake Learmonth

As July 30th doesn't hold any particular celebratory significance here in Australia, I was surprised to catch a display of fireworks at local Lake Learmonth. And the sky put on its own show shortly afterwards. I didn't realise what I had caught here until I looked at the images on screen. I would have spent more time on this spot (I haven't been here before and there was no one else in sight), but being only 17 minutes drive from home looks like its worth a return visit.

An extra 15 minutes

Lake Wendouree Ballarat - Friday evening. The first pic here shows the conditions when I got up to the lake about 30 minutes before sunset. So I drove a lap but nothing too exciting, but thought I'd park under  a tree that provided a nice foreground if anything did happen. And 15 minutes later the sun poked its head through to provide a really nice end to a great week. I'm almost embarrassed to admit I took these last 3 sitting in the car!

After the sun has set 2

A couple more from Lake Burrumbeet on Wednesday, and a couple from a lap of Lake Wendouree last night. The tulip caught my eye as I drove past the Ballarat Botanic Gardens - good to see some signs of spring!

After the sun has set

After driving around for a quite a while in the somewhat hazy conditions I thought Lake Burrumbeet might be my best bet for another nice finish to the day. The sunset was so-so, but afterwards the sky just came alive. The classic case of waiting long after the masses have gone home (not that there was anyone else there last night!). The 2nd and 3rd images here show the difference when you slow the shutter speed down.

The Jetty

I've taken many, many images of this jetty at Lake Wendouree, Ballarat. Its always a good stopping spot when you can see some nice light developing and your close at hand. From Tuesday evening.

Lake Burst

Had a couple of visits to Lake Wendouree on Monday, one was mid afternoon, but it was later on near sunset that it paid off...some great clouds and then a super sunburst lit up the boatsheds for half a minute or so.

Some more fog...and a mirror

A few more from Saturday morning....and one from Durham Point on Sunday evening. The weed eaters are clearing the lake at the moment and we are starting to get some vast open areas that work well when the water is still.

A Foggy Saturday Morn on Lake Wendouree

Some great conditions, a really thick fog hung around til about 9am - here's a small selection. Getting lots of great images from the Sails Cafe jetty at the moment, and then a swan and friend from around on the westside of the lake.

Redwoods National Park Reflection

Not what you were expecting, not a tree in sight!
This is from Wilsons Creek Beach early morning at a super low tide ( -2 apparently, whatever that means!) from May's trip.

And a couple from Lake Wendouree on a sunny Friday evening.

Just some clouds....

..... but some unusual colourings to these from Lake Wendouree Thursday evening. I really like those brown tonings, makes a good combination with the steel blues.

Death Valley Dune 2

Another from Death Valley on the Mesquite Dunes. This was early morning, somewhat calmer than the previous afternoons excitement. And I've just finished a book for some friends we stayed with in California...have a look here..

And a quick grab from last night at the Lake.

Mt Warrenheip in the clouds

I went for a run around Lake Wendouree about 3.30 and you can see Mt Warrenheip in the distance, about 10km away. The top of the mount was under a layer of clouds, so thats where I ended up. Very damp and saturated - great conditions, and throw in some misty low clouds and you've got a great atmosphere to work with.

45 minutes at the Lake

Some great conditions yesterday afternoon, so I went up to Lake Wendouree at 3.51 and spent 45 minutes doing a lap with 4 or 5 stops. Just when I thought I had my final choices for the Lake Exhibition sorted out I got one in this lot that will make the final cut......its not here, I'm saving it for the exhibition, so you'll have to come to see it!
And who said Ballarat winters are grey and colourless!

Sunday Soaking

Though wet and miserable on Sunday morning here in Ballarat, a trip up to the Gong Gong Reservoir and the Yarrowee creek produced a couple of nice images. Actually, dark overcast conditions are perfect for this sort of photography and you can't help but getting something nice at the moment with the creek running so full.

Heinz Variety

Not quite 57 varieties, but quite a range of different images from a late Saturday afternoon drive, all with great skies. First stop Sulky, then Lake Learmonth, on to Windermere and a finish for sunset at the Dowling Forest cemetary.

Snow Time

It's been a while since my last post. We had a fantastic snow event last Saturday here around Mt Roland and Sheffield and of course I wa...