First Up....

I'm running a bit late for todays post, another image from last Friday down the coast at Port Campbell. In fact this was the very first image I took on the day...can you see the helicopter? I'm not sure I would have wanted to be up there as the wind was blowing a gale!

A Bit of Wood

I'm going to alternate between Tasmania and the Big Waves from last Friday over the next few days.....and today it's back to Mt Field National Park, about an hour north west of Hobart. 
On the hike we did up to the Tarn Shelf a number of trees caught my's a selection of them....
Is it just me, or does the second one here look a bit like a horse?!


Along the Coast.....

Here's a couple more from that amazing Friday down the coast......


Weekly Wow!

Before I get back to the amazing waves images from Friday, here's a local Ballarat catch-up from the last week....
1. Moon setting at Weatherboard
2. & 3. Colourful start and end to the day at Lake Wendouree last Sunday
4. Sheep at Mt Misery
5. Mt Buninyong shrouded
6. Seagull flurry at sunset at Lake Wendouree
7. Early morning dedicated rower in the rain at Lake Wendouree
8. Stockyard at Yendon
9. Lal Lal Windfarm


You may have seen the forecast for some big swell along the coast over the last couple of days, so on Friday I took myself for a drive down to Port Campbell to see what all the fuss was about. And I gotta was worth it! I took nearly 300 images of the most amazing waves I've ever witnessed and whilst I make my way through them all, I thought this one was a great place to start. I've left this a bit larger than normal so make sure you click on it for a bigger look. I really like the people on the right hand side to give some scale to how big those waves were!

The Tarn Field

Here's a couple of images from a hike we did at Mt Field National Park, high above the lower level of the park where the waterfalls are. This hike took us out to the tarn field, an area of small, low lying lakes and fantastic rockery everywhere you looked.


Moving on to Mt Field

Leaving South Bruny Island behind our next stop was at Mt Field National Park, about an hour north west of Hobart, one of the most popular of the Tasmanian National Parks. Probably the most visited spot in the park is Russell Falls and though the water flow was down a bit, I found this nice view looking through the trees.
And just for good measure one extra image from my last morning at Adventure Bay.....


Adventure Bay Morning

There are some lovely beaches on South Bruny Island and I spent a couple of early mornings on them at Adventure Bay. Here's a couple of early morning images.....


Down South

Back to Tasmania and down south at South Bruny National Park. One of the iconic views in the park is of the cliffs and the lighthouse. Some great fleeting light really accentuates the ruggedness of the coastline in this amazing place.

Just a Few More.....

Here's a few more from this past week......
1. Dean Reservoir Rainbow
2. Mt Warrenheip
3. Lake Burrumbeet Rocks
4. Lake Wendouree Rainbow
5. & 6. The Egret at Lake Wendouree
7. Where the Lal Lal Creek joins the Lal Lal Reservoir
8. Incredible Sun Pillar at sunset at Lake Wendouree


Wow, again!

Time for this weeks local Ballarat catch-up...and yes, some fantastic conditions once again!

1. Dean Reservoir
2. Lal Lal Wind Farm
3. Lake Burrumbeet
4. Eastern Egret at Lake Wendouree
5. Eastern Egret, again, the next morning
6. Kangaroo pair at Lal Lal
7. Waves of fog at a totally dry Lake Learmonth


Some Bruny Wildlife

Today's post shows some wildlife from South Bruny National Park.
The first image was taken at the end of the headland I've featured in the last 2 days images....a nice rocky pool that was full of these fish, oblivious to my presence. The second image shows the infamous white wallaby of Bruny Island...always an amazing sight.


Penguin Island (again)

This image shows the same view as yesterdays and taken the same day as the previous,  looking across Adventure Bay to the headland of the northern tip of South Bruny National Park and Penguin Island. Always nice to get a rainbow on your travels, and my well trained bird has also added to the scene!

Penguin Island

South Bruny National Park on South Bruny Island (doh!) is another park with some stunning coastal scenery. This view is looking across Adventure Bay to Penguin Island and Garden Point. Have you noticed how many nice views I captured on this trip of headlands?

Coal Point

Our next destination on our recent Tasmania trip was to catch the ferry from Kettering, south of Hobart, across to Bruny Island. I captured some great images from Coal Point on my previous visit here a couple of years ago and was keen to return there for the first sunrise of this visit.....


Mt Wellington

Time to head back to Tasmania......
After leaving the Tasman Peninsula behind we had 2 nights at Ferntree, a suburb of Hobart that sits under Mt Wellington. This gave us a chance to spend a day on the mountain, starting at the top where the views looking down to Hobart were somewhat obscured by the heavy smoke haze...however the view further north was very nice with the layering of the hills into the distance. We also did a hike to O'Gradys Falls and I was pleasantly surprised to find the water flow wasn't too bad considering how dry everything was.


Just A Few More

I've got a few more images to share from my local travels this past week. A couple of really nice foggy mornings gave me a range of images, and of course another sunrise out at Lake Burrumbeet paid dividends.......
1. & 2. Mt Bolton area
3. & 4. Lal Lal Reservoir
5. On the road to Lal Lal township
6. & 7.  Lake Burrumbeet


Snow Time

It's been a while since my last post. We had a fantastic snow event last Saturday here around Mt Roland and Sheffield and of course I wa...