Wednesday Wonder

Wednesday morning turned out a lot more spectacular than I first thought when I left home. Not much happening in town here in Ballarat, however once I got out towards Mt Warrenheip things changed drastically and I came home with some great images from a couple of different spots on the side of the mountain.....


Amazing, again!

Isn't it amazing how often I find amazing conditions out at Lake Burrumbeet? Tuesday morning was another spectacular foggy start to the day..something I never get tired of. The aerial images give you an amazing viewpoint over the lake and surrounding farms, whilst the last one here is another view from down at ground level.


A Surprising Discovery

As you know I've made many, many visits to Lake Wendouree over the years and I'm always amazed when I find something new from a location that I sometimes feel has little more to offer. Over the last week or so I've been keeping my eye on something new...a large patch of yellow iris's. On Monday morning I made my way to this spot to see how it was looking...pretty good, I reckon!


Sunday Sunrise Silhouette

There was not a lot happening on Sunday morning, just a slight bit of colour in the sky. Then I turned up a side road out near Mt Warrenheip and saw this.......

Saturday Sunrise

On Saturday morning there was just enough fog floating around Mt Buninyong to add some nice atmosphere into this series from sunrise.


Mines and Windmills

On Friday morning I headed north of Ballarat and whilst there was nothing too startling to capture, when I went through my images later on I realised it wasn't a bad morning at all! And the theme seemed to be windmills........
The first and the last images here highlight a couple of the old mining sites north of Creswick, always great subjects to catch especially when the light is good.


Magic Morning

On Thursday morning once I got out of town and headed west I quickly realised I had some great conditions out around Lake Burrumbeet. Mt Callender was the highlight of the views helped along by the full moon sitting above the western horizon. Looking back towards the Lake was pretty good, too...not that you could see too much water!


The Lake Again, Again!

Wednesday morning was the third day in a row at Lake Wendouree with a diverse range of stops and images to capture.
First off was the setting, almost full moon above the Yacht Club before capturing a couple of images of my favourite yacht that has been placed in the ideal position once again this yachting season.
There was a really nice low fog sitting on the lake that looked great with a couple of the rowing crews...first up is the boys and then the girls getting ready to head out onto the Lake.


The Lake, again

It looks like this could be a week for visiting Lake Wendouree. On Tuesday morning the sunrise colour came from almost nowhere to put on quite a show at my most photographed sculpture. Once again always nice to have a few birds fly through. And then just a little while later on the other side of the Lake there was some pretty impressive clouds above the boatsheds.
Not to be outdone, the sunset was pretty nice to, looking across to the Yacht Club.
And this! (that's to come!)


It's All About the Light.....

Whilst there was not huge colour show at sunrise on Monday morning, there was a pretty nice sun pillar just as the sun broke the horizon, helped along by a few ibis in the sky.
After that I found a couple of great images of 2 of the sculptures that are part of the Bienalle of Australian Art that still has a couple of week to run. Both of these are the perfect example of photographic saying "It's all about the light!"



On Saturday around midday I found some dramatic clouds sitting above this canola field out on the way to Dunnstown. The yellow makes a great contrast with the dark clouds.
And an extra image from Friday mornings fantastic conditions out at Addington. After capturing the aerials in yesterdays post, down at ground level the sun had just started to burn its way through the fog......


Wind Farm Wonder

Friday was another one of those mornings that were crystal clear right in the middle of Ballarat, however, as is quite often the case, once you get out of town you start to find some pretty amazing conditions. This is the windfarm out at Addington from pre-dawn to sun just risen....


Still Looking Good

The Forget-Me-Nots were looking pretty nice on Thursday morning with some nice misty conditions....


The Lower Slopes

Early Wednesday morning on the lower slopes of Mt was too foggy at the top!


Snow Time

It's been a while since my last post. We had a fantastic snow event last Saturday here around Mt Roland and Sheffield and of course I wa...