Xmas and a Kookaburra

What a better way to spend Xmas Day than taking a hike up the Face Track...but not the Face Track I've been doing regularly at Mt Roland. We drove over to Cradle Mountain and caught the first bus into the park and tackled a loop that included Hanson's Peak, the Face Track that sits below the iconic "Cradle" and then down to Lake Wilks before heading down to finish off around the Dove Lake Circuit. Great weather and all up around 9kms and a fantastic hike with so much to see and a lot of the scenery seemed suited to panoramas.....and one nosy currawong that joined us for lunch!
And here's some local wildlife. The first 4 images all captured in our yard, Keith the kookaburra this morning. The last image here of the geese was also from this morning a couple of minutes away at "Paradise" corner.


Six Months

It was around 7am six months ago that we arrived in Tasmania on the Spirit of Tasmania. A half an hour or so later and we had driven to our new home and the rest is history! So to celebrate here's a gallery of images that I've captured that haven't seen the light of day. There's quite a few, 50 or so in fact, so make sure you've got a cuppa at hand and take a journey through my new (photographic) life!


Snow Time

It's been a while since my last post. We had a fantastic snow event last Saturday here around Mt Roland and Sheffield and of course I wa...