It was dark and grey....

...but I thought I'd check it out anyway. Living so close to Lake Wendouree its easy to jump in the car for a quick look, and some nice soft pastel colours well after sunset were the reward.

Misty Sunday

Foggy/misty most of the day in Ballarat, so makes for something a bit different. These were about 11.30am.

Cockpit Lagoon

A couple of images from Thursday nights trip. Finally got to the shores of Cockpit Lagoon after seeing it from a distance for a long time. Thanx to Brendan for allowing me onto his property, and guiding me through the paddocks. Its amazing where the Mazda 3 gets itself! Any takers on the second one looking a bit like one of those Hawaiiain landscapes? Its actually a tree trunk......

Friday models

Some burnoffs added extra colour to last nights sunset at Lake Wendouree, and thanx to Paris and Ruby for adding a bit of extra interest to the Macarthur Street jetty! Make sure you click on the images (the panorama, that is!) for a bigger look! Girls, let me know if saw this!

More sunflowers

This is from Wednesday night. I made 3 trips out here this week, still plenty of pics to go through and Thursday night I finally made it to the shores of Cockpit Lagoon....but they'll have to wait.....!

Bittern Lagoon

On Tuesday I went out to the sunflowers again at Trawalla (I'll get back to the sunflowers soon), and when the sun had dropped low enough I jumped in the car to see if I could find Bittern Lagoon. I had a fair idea where it was and as I was racing the extra 10km to get there, the sun was setting and I was just hoping I'd get there before it went down too far. When I did pull up in what looked like a good spot I found quite a difficult fence to get through but finally managed to squeeze through between the barb wire and race the 50 metres down to the waters edge. Very hard when arriving somewhere totally new to get your bearings, but as the sun finally set the sky then turned on a nice colourful show, and this gum tree caught some lovely reflected light. Well worth the effort!


I found a fantastic field of sunflowers on Monday evening out near Trawalla. What had been a grey evening suddenly turned into something special. The second shot here is a 3D version  - great if you can get your eyes to work. If you need help on how to see this style of 3D, go to the link underneath the 3D photo.

Moon Clouds

Back to Saturday night at Lake Wendouree........some lovely post-sunset pastels across the end of the rowing course, followed by a swan parade, and a bit later by the hidden moon casting some great light through the clouds. Make sure you click on the last one for a closer look, its got some great detail.

Wheat & Wind

We have a windfarm about 30 minutes from home, and set amongst some nice hills, - some nicely lit wheat always helps! Its an area I plan to spend more time at, they get fantastic low lying fogs in the winter. I just need to figure out how I'm going to get to the top of one of the towers!


Blowing a gale on Saturday morning at Lake Wendouree - gave me a chance to catch something new in my Lake project - windsurfers! Thanx guys!

Saturday night was totally different - serene and calm, fantastic full moon, but you'll have to come back to see them!

Colour into grey

Another Thursday night Lake Burrumbeet image, then a grey day at Lake Wendouree on Friday, but some great clouds.

Late Lake Colour

Lake Burrumbeet Thursday night. I spent a couple of hours out here last night, took a lot of shots, was all packed up, tripod stowed away, car started ready to drive home, then remembered this tree that I thought might look OK in the fading light. Actually the sunset was nothing too special, but as often happens the aftershow really came to life.
I'll have a few more to show from this trip in the next day or so.


Some lovely pastels in the sky last night at Lake Wendouree. Just a late burst of colour at sunset after turning very dull and grey late in the day. Always pays to keep an eye on the horizon! Make sure you click on this one for a bigger view - this will make a great, very large panorama print.

3 Stops

Last night I headed east scouting some new areas. I made 3 stops, one at Springbank, then Wallace, and finally at Bungaree looking across to Mt Warrenheip. I'd been thinking about getting Mt Warrenheip silhouetted against some nice clouds, so was pretty happy the way these turned out. 

Fiery Valentine

Lake Wendouree - Valentines' Day. The sunset looked like a wildfire, and just when I was heading back to the car caught this scene that said it romantic!

Lake to Lake

3 more from Lake Burrumbeet on Saturday (the 3rd one here was the last shot of the night), and a Sunday evening visit to Lake Wendouree, no clouds to work with but I felt the leaves worked quite well as a substitute.


Saturday night at Lake Burrumbeet. This one calls for an explanation as it does appear quite unreal. On the horizon was a low band of darker cloud that pretty much ended just above the frame, but above that was a spectacular red and pink cloud show that cast this great light across the scene. These clouds were centred, and off to the left was clear sky casting that brighter glow to the left side of frame. I keep going back to Lake Burrumbeet as the opportunities are endless, and the recent rain here, even in the last 2-3 weeks, has completely changed the shoreline around these rocks.

Grey, with a touch of colour

Friday was dull and lifeless, so quite a challenge to find something worth shooting. So a late trip up to Lake Wendouree had me searching for something a bit different.


No sunset but some nice side light colours at the Lake last night, and the stillness allowed for some nice reflections.

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