Two Views, Again

It's funny how I can get images from the the same location on consecutive days before I then move on to another location. This is never really planned as I am generally going where the best conditions are. On Wednesday morning I ended up out at Warrenheip again  to play around in amongst the fogs that were sweeping through. No chance to fly in the strong winds though I'm still happy with what I got from ground level. The first one here shows the early morning colour in the western sky (opposite the sunrise) above a layer of fog that was nicely placed. You can see a group of trees, with one in particular, that offered another great view a bit later on from the opposite side. In fact I didn't realise it was the same group of trees until I got home and started going through the images.


Lava Drama

Here's something you don't see everyday....lava flowing into the ocean at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island of Hawaii on a very early morning cruise that started in the dark well before sunrise. Can't believe this was way back in February 2013! Just another one of the many hidden images stored away.....

Two Views

On Tuesday morning I captured two views of Mt Warrenheip - one from Black Hill in Ballarat just as the colour before sunrise was looking good, and then up close and personal from up high just as the sun was cresting the horizon. Quite a unique pair I reckon!


Mt Buninyong Bonanza - Again!

Another fantastic sunrise on the side of Mt Buninyong on Monday. The low lying fogs that are quite common here create some amazing conditions.....and they are always just that bit different from any previous visit. With the sun rising well to the south at the moment you get totally different angles across the side of the mountain. When I arrived I thought I may miss on something too special as the fog was too heavy so I used the cars headlights in the first image here to light up some grasses. However, things really fired up after that and this is just a small selection taken on one camera. I have another set to look at taken with my big zoom lens that has some fantastic closeups looking down on the fields below. The last image here shows you the fog before the sun worked its way through to light up the scene.


Birch Creek and Bluestone

With no clouds to work with on Sunday evening, I had to look for other options, and Birch's Creek at Smeaton seemed like a good place to visit. I was pleased to see the creek still flowing quite well, and this little cascade always keeps me busy. Just upstream from this spot, some reflected light off the trees on the creek surface worked well with the underlying creek bed. The last image here was actually the first I took in this set...looking back towards the old bluestone bridge.



A couple of hours before sunset on Saturday and the conditions were looking very promising. An hour later and the clouds were starting to get too my options were a bit limited. I did catch some nice sunrays out at Windermere before the holes in the clouds closed up. And once again another tree in my repertoire came to the rescue. This tree at Bo Peep has often been featured....this is the first time a couple of cows have helped out...phew!


Quite Interesting

Remember that foggy morning down at Mt Buninyong last Friday week? Well, after leaving the mountain I made a detour on the way home as the low lying fog tempted me to see if it was creating something of interest at Lal Lal Falls. This is the result.......

Another Lake Burrumbeet Tree

Friday was one of the most lifeless days I've seen for a long, long time. Just grey and flat all day and quite a challenge to see what I could find. So in conditions like this I always find water to be a great help. After yesterdays Lake Burrumbeet visit I thought I'd see what other trees I could find, and this small group on the south shore of the lake offered some potential. Black and white gave me the opportunity to add a bit of drama into the scene and I must admit to being quite happy with the result. I can see a project developing here as I track down other trees around the shoreline!

The Lake Burrumbeet Tree

There's a very well known tree in New Zealand at Lake Wanaka that everyone (and his dog!) has photographed. On Thursday I visited a tree at Lake Burrumbeet that has some similarities. OK, it doesn't have the grand background like the one in NZ....but this is less than 20 minutes from home! This might turn into a regular post whilst the water level is so keep an eye on this over the next few weeks and months.


Many Moods

A day late with this post as the interface from google was not working......I hope it was worth the wait!
A range of different moods to share from Wednesdays travels. Starting with a misty morn at the top of Mt Warrenheip where the forget-me-nots are hanging on for a long time this spring. Then much later in the day just before sunset I came upon this rainbow out at Tourello before capturing some dramatic clouds at Lake Wendouree just before getting home. I've gotta say Lake Wendouree has really been putting on an amazing show the last week or so. And for much of the day it felt like we had gone back to winter!


Yet Another Day at the Lake

Lake Wendouree continues to offer a fantastic range of varied conditions. Tuesday morning around 9am there was a low lying mist sitting on the lake, giving me a nice selection and certainly a bit different from the usual. Later at sunset, an unexpected burst of colour across a serene lake surface was a great end to the day. Who knows what's next?!


Another Day at the Lake

After yesterdays post showing a range of images from Lake Wendouree over the last week, on Monday I got to experience a full range from just the one day.
Starting with a very nice sunrise that I captured from 3 different spots (I just had to stop and go back for the light on this fence on the north side of the lake!), by mid afternoon the forecast of stormy conditions looked like it was really going to deliver. Some great skies across the lake and then a huge squall came through with gusts of 91kmh. However that was about it for the storm...things calmed down and I finished off the day with this swan family on the north side of the lake.


Lake Viewpoints

A calm, bright and intense sunrise on Sunday morning gave me an opportunity to capture some images of the three small boat sheds on the north side of Lake Wendouree from some unusual angles. The super calm (it seems like everything is "super-something" at the moment!) surface of the lake allowed for mirror-like reflections. Later at sunset some more colour in the sky after a very warm day....our first real taste of the upcoming summer.
A lot of images I capture of Lake Wendouree get forgotten or put aside so I thought I'd add in a few extras from my visits over the last week. The last one here is from a very colourful start to the week this morning as we get set for an even hotter day.


Atop the Mountain

After the fantastic morning on Friday who would have thought that Saturday could offer so much more in much the same location. To tell you the truth I could have gone home after the first one amazing lenticular cloud sitting atop Mt Buninyong that I spotted from way back around Warrenheip and knew I had to get over close by to catch this image as the sun lit up the cloud atop the mountain.  However, I decided to soldier on through the fog and mists around Yendon!


Snow Time

It's been a while since my last post. We had a fantastic snow event last Saturday here around Mt Roland and Sheffield and of course I wa...