After church, up the creek!

Burrumbeet Church on Friday, seemed well suited for black and white, and then on to the Yarrowee Creek near the Gong Gong on Saturday afternoon after my run. A lot of pics still to work through, and time is running out before we head off.....

Out Ullina Way

Still trying to catch up, these are from Thursday's drive out to Clunes. Nothing too exciting but I quite like the abstract feel of these. First is on the Ullina Road (between Smeaton and Clunes), the second is a view of McCrories Hill at Lawrence, and the last was on the way back down to Creswick on the Creswick-Lawrence Road. Friday night I was really in the thick of it....but thats the next post!

Lake Burrumbeet never lets me down

Playing catch up this week...these are from Lake Burrumbeet on Wednesday. I wasn't too excited on the way home, but on closer inspection I did get some very nice images. No, thats not a self-portrait - its a friend from Melbourne who was spending the week in the district and we managed to cross paths this night.

Foggy sunrise at Burrumbeet

These are from Tuesday morning....had a feeling there might be some nice foggy conditions after the unusually clear and warm conditions of late. Not a cloud in the sky when I left home but found this nice spot about 20 minutes from home, set up and waited for the sun to rise. Would you believe this is in Glue Pot Road?!

A Walk through the Ballarat Botanic Gardens

As I've mentioned already, the autumn here in Ballarat this year has been the best we have seen for years. And the Ballarat Botanic Gardens are looking their best - the late afternoon sun has been a real treat, lighting up the already vibrant colours and casting fantastic shadows. These are from Monday evening, and I did go back on Tuesday for more.....

Lake Burrumbeet on a Sunday evening

As you can see I had a great time at Lake Burrumbeet on Easter Sunday - there are actually quite a few more great shots from here, but I've got so much else to show in the next few days........make sure you keep checking back in the next few days as I get in a last few sessions before we head off to the USA again on May 4.

Easter Hunt

Sunday arvo I headed off and ended covering some new territory south and west of Lake Burrumbeet. Passed through the outskirts of Carngham and then went through a small town called Brewster, and then finally ended up back at Lake Burrumbeet. A few weeks since I was at this particular spot and the change in angle of the sun has added a new dimension to the angles along the shore line. In this lot are a view along the Carngham-Trawalla Road, further on to an unusual "Fire" tree (I need to look this one up, I've never come across it before), a nice cloud sitting above Mt. Misery and the first of the Lake Burrumbeet sunsets. I'll post some more of these tomorrow, they really are quite spectacular.

A Variety

Saturday turned grey again, though just a little show of pastels at the end of the rowing course at Lake Wendouree, but here's 3 other images from Fridays excursion out at Lake Burrumbeet / Bo Peep area.

Friday Contrasts

Had a great visit out to Burrumbeet Creek, about 16 minutes from home (thats how long it took me to get home as I had to go out!). The first one here is an old piece of farming machinery (could be a thresher?) that I have had my eyes on for a while and finally got some nice conditions - and it seemed made for a sepia look. Then onto to Burrumbeet Creek for some lovely water action.

La Gerche and a bit more

The La Gerche Gully walk is out at Creswick, an easy 2.2km stroll through some lovely trees.  These trees are now over one hundred years old and tower over the landscape, and were planted by Creswick's first forest bailiff - John La Gerche. It highlights the impacts of mining on the forest and La Gerche's efforts to rehabilitate the land. The autumn colours are just starting to take hold, but I was probably a bit too early, though there were a couple of spectacular trees at the Nursery at the start of the walk. Afterwards I did a quick loop up to Kingston and caught some great light on Forest Hill, then came back via Allendale for these cows near the Loughlin Mine site in West Berry Road.

3 Mounts

Wednesday afternoon the skies turned dark and dirty. I raced out and ended getting a range of shots as the conditions changed. First here is Mt. Hollowback with some low cloud, then a view of Mt. Bolton before ending up at Mt. Beckworth. By the time I got to Beckworth, actually after sunset,  the clouds had taken on this amazing colour and were just rolling through quickly. 

Burn Offs

There's a lot of paddock burn-offs all around the district at the moment - heres 3 from Monday night, and one from last night. First is way out past Waubra, 2nd is Ballarat side of Waubra and the 3rd is from Cardigan, just off the highway. And the 4th is from Bo Peep, out Lake Burrumbeet way. These nighttime burns are really spectacular in person, better than the Australia Day fireworks!

More Autumn Colour

A lot to catch up on from Sunday...the first shot here was at 5.45am at Lake Wendouree. I know that looks like just another star but it was incredibly bright, and moving fast. I'm still trying to find out exactly what it was but I think it may have been a satellite. A quick trip out to the Gong Gong Reservoir for the autumn colours, then a suburban street shows its colours, and to finish off some co-operative ducks up at the Lake.

Snow Time

It's been a while since my last post. We had a fantastic snow event last Saturday here around Mt Roland and Sheffield and of course I wa...