Lal Lal Estate Excitement

Some more great foggy conditions on Friday morning. Whilst I did capture some earlier aerials, it was this view at Yendon looking across to the Lal Lal Estate that works best for me. There was a low level bank of fog moving around the trees creating some great shadows and silhouettes. The sun is well above sunrise in these so the light is not the usual deep yellows, though nonetheless appealing. Can you see the three swans in the second one?!


A Tale of Two Lakes

On Thursday I visited 2 lakes here in the Ballarat district - here's 2 images from each. First up was a really nice sunrise out at Lake Burrumbeet, where the clouds put on a great show. And then later in the day, almost unexpectedly, some late light lit up Lake Wendouree for a great end to the day.


Wednesday Wonder at Lal Lal

When I hit the road well before dawn on Wednesday morning, I could tell it was going to be a good one. Then the challenge became one of finding the right place to make the most of it. I'm always keen to use water when there is plenty of colour as you get double the value with a reflection. So I ended up at Lal Lal Reservoir, a place I have been to quite often lately, though never with this much colour!
And if this looks a little dark, thats because it was! It's easy for me to lighten the ground areas however I feel that gives an un-natural look to the image. I have left this a bit bigger than normal, so make sure you click on it for a bigger look!

Dean Delight

I had to search a bit on Tuesday morning for the best conditions and ended up in Patterson Lane, north of Dean, just on sunrise as the sun crested the horizon through the low lying mist. I'm always amazed at the intensity of the colour in scenes like this, the light through the fog is incredible to see. And just in case you were wondering...the last one here shows the lay of the land.


Monday Morning Magic

Some lovely colours on Monday morning at Lake Wendouree. Not much more to say!


Foggy Fantasy

On Sunday morning the conditions led me once again to Mt Warrenheip where the edges of a huge fog bank were gliding past the mountain. I checked out Mt Buninyong first, however it was totally fogged in, so back at Mt Warrenheip I managed to capture a nice range of images.


More Than I Bargained For

On Saturday afternoon there were some great, dark clouds around about 5.30pm so I made my way up to Lake Wendouree.....first image......
And then the birds took over! First the maggie nicely placed on the branch.....
And then a fantastic time with the grebes! It was a real thrill to watch all this take place and as you can imagine I took many photos. This is a selection of my favourites. How cute, eh?!


Back to Cradle Mountain

One of the things that surprised, and pleased me, on the recent Tasmania trip was the abundance of water at Cradle Mountain National Park. And considering we were there at the end of January, it was even more pleasing to find there was plenty of water flowing. So here's a set from the park that kept me busy in the 2 days we had there. The last one here, Knyvet Falls, was quite a challenge to get a good view of the falls, so I had to be a bit more creative in my approach....and its probably my favourite!


Fog in the Forecast

I drove a long way for Friday's fantastic sunrise, initially heading west out of Ballarat before realising the action was going to be back the other way. The chance of fog in the forecast was spot on and around Mt Warrenheip there was a spectacular display of rolling fog across the landscape. Looking out to the west, away from the rising sun, there were some lovely pink tones whilst looking back towards the mountain was no less impressive. In fact I'm going to make the 2nd one here my new desktop for the computer I like it so much!


Lake Burrumbeet Views

Some nice conditions on Thursday evening on the way out to Lake Burrumbeet with some terrific clouds from the high viewpoint you get along Cuthberts Road looking west. I thought I would visit the south side of the lake and once again found a couple of nice images there, the last one here of the access ramp into the lake, was almost an after thought as I was just about back at the car.


Who Needs Colour?!

A grey and overcast day on Wednesday offered a challenge to find something worth capturing. Luckily Mt Warrenheip often has some nice low lying mists on days like this and I thought this one was suited to black and white. 
I seem to be coming across a lot of bird images lately and out at Gordon I couldn't resist stopping for this view of "birds on a wire".
And whilst I'm posting a couple of black and whites I thought I'd add in this view of Mt Beckworth from last Monday morning.


Mt Buninyong Re-Visit

I'll get back to some more Tasmania images in the next day or so...meanwhile.........Three Saturdays ago I had a fantastic sunrise at Mt's an image that I felt was worth sharing.....

After the Rain

I had some great conditions on Tuesday morning, firstly at sunrise and then later in the morning around 10.30am.
We had some good rain overnight and though there was still a hint of rain in the air, I made the most of the calm conditions at the Ballarat Railway Station. I have captured aerials here before, however I like the wet feel to these. 
Later in the morning I was running around Lake Wendouree and the stillness of the water tempted me back to catch a few aerials, really helped along by the dark reflections in the calm surface, especially at View Point!


The Finale...sort of!

Well I've finally reached the end of the Tasmania trip....back in Launceston. We had an evening to fill in, so we made a visit to Cataract Gorge. Plenty to see and do here and no doubt would be a great spot for locals to come to on a regular basis. I captured this image of the river that flows into the main area after travelling down the gorge. There is a swing bridge that you can cross high above the water and that's where I captured this from.
So whilst this may be the last day of the trip, don't worry, I still have plenty more images to go back and discover from this fantastic introduction to Tasmania.

Monday Morning Calm

Some lovely mild, calm conditions on Monday morning got the week off to a great start. I thought the Yacht Club at Lake Wendouree would like nice early morning with the lights on across the deck, and the boats add a great touch of varied colours. As you can see it was pretty dark when I first arrived, gradually lightening as we approached the sunrise.


Snow Time

It's been a while since my last post. We had a fantastic snow event last Saturday here around Mt Roland and Sheffield and of course I wa...