Terrific Tassie

Time for a catch up.........Just had a couple of great days on South Bruny Island before going on to Hartz Mountains National Park on Sunday and way down south to South West National Park today.
For the first time in quite a few years I missed the Australia Day fireworks in Ballarat. However, this sunrise from a couple of days later more than made up for it. One of the best I have ever seen, and this location at Coal Point, looking across to South Bruny National Park, more than made up for it. Whilst I was thrilled with the conditions, it was this lone seagull that flew into the scene that really gives this image that extra element!
And the next morning I was really happy to catch this rare white wallaby.
On Monday our trip down to South West National Park was looking like it would be thwarted with heavy rain. However it cleared soon after arrival and the lingering clouds were spectacular.
Many, many great images to go through for the whole trip with a little less than a week to go. 


Cradle Mountain Cascade.

First chance for some internet here in Tasmania. A quick post from Queenstown. We just spent 2 great days in Cradle Mountain National Park....as good as I was expecting. I have many, many images to go through...this is one of the lovely waterfalls that are quite abundant here.......
Time is always so short when your travelling! Back soon............

Not The National Parks

I may not get a chance to post too much early on whilst in Tasmania, so I've put together this collection from last years 2 trips to the USA. As you know I'm a National Park fan, however all these images are from other locations outside of the 59 USA National Parks. And all seemed suited to black and white.....!


Sunrise Sunset

Sunrise and sunset at Lake Wendouree on Thursday gave me a couple of contrasting images. Just enough colour with a few clouds for the sunrise, and by taking many, many images I finally caught a couple of ibis making an early morning dash.
Later in the day some great clouds above View Point promised a spectacular sunset...that never eventuated.......nice clouds, though!


Wednesday at Wattle Flat

On a cloudless Wednesday evening I found a few nice images out around Wattle Flat and Glen Park. The late setting sun casts a very yellow glow over everything though it wasn't as warm as it looks! A last stop at Glen Park to visit Fred and Harriet, the camels (I'm not sure which is which though that is their real names!), as a small friend looks on...an amazing sight so close to Ballarat!


Intense or Subtle?

Some amazing colour at Lake Wendouree on Tuesday morning. I had to dash up to the lake to catch these! And though the colour looking directly at the rising sun was amazing, I think I prefer the more subtle colours further to the north.


Monday Morning Magic

I had a great time on Monday morning out south of Bungaree around the Lal Lal Creek Valley. Some fantastic low lying fog created some lovely images both before and after sunrise. And a stop on the way home to catch the lingering fog amongst the gums just out of Dunnstown was a great finish to the morning. 
Though later in the day was pretty nice, too......!


Birds-Eye Views

A couple of very different birds-eye views from Sunday. First up is this visitor, an Eastern Rosella, to the backyard in the morning. Then later in the day just on dusk, a birds-eye view of the Ballarat High School that always looks great when the lights come on.


A Simple Scene

On Saturday I visited my brother at Beremboke. I doubt anyone knows where that is.......it's south of Ballan and his property borders the Brisbane Ranges National Park. Being on top of a hill, this is the view looking out towards Port Phillip Bay - not a bad place to put the feet up!

Photo of the Day

I was pleased to get one of my Yellowstone images selected for "Photo of the Day" on the Earthshots website during the week. This is a tough gig to get as they get hundreds of submissions daily from some of the best photographers around...it's actually the second time I've scored a showing here!
This is the original link.......well worth a look to go back through previous daily winners.....

Baled Up at Burrumbeet

Just a couple of simple Friday evening images from a cruise around the Windermere/Burrumbeet area, out west of Ballarat. With the harvest in full swing right across the district the paddocks are filling with bales, and this wall of them created quite a strong composition. And then a quick stop at Lake Burrumbeet for a bit of water action in close.
And getting back to Thursday evening...a couple of images from Lake Wendouree of the very nice full moon.


Campbells Road

Another lovely foggy summer morning on Thursday had me scrambling to keep up with it all. I was in Campbells Road Yendon where I found plenty to keep me busy before and after the sunrise. A few aerials to start with where I finally captured some nice hay bales,  then I had great fun as the lingering fog amongst the trees created some fantastic images. And always nice to end with some sunrays through the tree branches!
And there was a pretty nice full moon at Lake Wendouree at sunset too....that will have to wait til later!


Snow Time

It's been a while since my last post. We had a fantastic snow event last Saturday here around Mt Roland and Sheffield and of course I wa...