The Calm Side

A quick visit to Mt Warrenheip on Tuesday morning where I found a bit of fog on the side of the mountain. Luckily on this side of the mountain it was quite calm so I could go for a fly...the other side was blowing a gale!
I'm just about to head off to New Zealand for 5 days, so I may be missing in action.....but I will be back!

A Wet July

The good rain we've had throughout July has really got the district quite saturated so on Monday I took the opportunity to make the most of it and found this nice series on a local river.


Moon and Magpie

On Sunday morning I captured the still almost full, but not eclipsed, moon through the trees and clouds before the squawking of a magpie in a nest caught my attention, just as some nice early morning clouds were passing through to really light up the sky behind the nest.
And with all the excitement of the eclipse on Saturday morning taking all the attention, a couple of images from Friday evening had some nice clouds formations as the sun set, and then on the other side of Lake Wendouree, the rising moon starting its journey into the eclipse the following morning.


After the Eclipse

After capturing the images of the eclipsed moon at lake Wendouree on Saturday morning, I thought I'd head out of town to see if I could find another interesting location. However as the morning light improved, the moon (that was still in eclipse) was getting fainter and fainter and really didn't offer much in the way of new images. However I still captured some nice views at Lake Burrumbeet with some great clouds, great rocks and a couple of well timed swans right on sunrise.



In case you missed it, here's the eclipse over Lake Wendouree in Ballarat this morning around 6.20am. And that bright star is actually Mars!

Persistance Pays Off

Pinnacles National Park in the USA?  The Grampians? Nope...this amazing view is only 23 kms from Ballarat, and is an image I have been after for some time, having been here a number of times this year. On Thursday morning I got just the conditions I was after with the low lying fog, and when the sun lit up the rocks on the top I knew I had something special. I'll leave you guessing as to where this is......!
I've left it a bit larger than normal...make sure you click on it for a bigger look!

Three Stops on a Foggy Morning

Once again some great foggy conditions on Wednesday morning out north west and north of Ballarat. I made three stops in totally different locations, starting at this set of power line towers (you can see Mt Hollowback in the top left corner) before moving on to catch the sun just lighting up the top of Mt Hollowback and its many communication towers.
I was on my way back to Ballarat when I thought I'd make a detour out to St Georges Lake at Creswick for the last image here.



On Tuesday morning I found some nice silhouettes out around Dunnstown that blended well with the low lying, fast moving clouds. It was very cold and windy........ well, I suppose it is Winter!


Just a Bit......

On Monday morning well before dawn, I looked out the window and could detect just a faint hint of some colour on the horizon. Half an hour later at Lake Wendouree there was just a bit more colour in the sky!


The Edge

I made a visit to Lal Lal Falls very early Sunday morning where the water is flowing again. These three images are from right at the top of the falls, the first one looking right over the edge whilst the other two are from back from the lip of the falls where there are some nice cascades.
...and a horse and bird from earlier on the way out to the falls back at Warrenheip.


Saturday Morning

On Saturday morning I found some nice foggy conditions out north west of Ballarat, initially around Mt Beckworth and then at Addington and the wind farm. This old, abandoned house makes for a nice subject and makes you wonder about the history of the place.



A couple of images today.....
Remember that amazing sunrise I had on my visit to Lorne a few weeks ago? I've been meaning to get back to the images as I knew I had a pretty nice one sitting there that I hadn't it is!
And the 2nd image is just a simple sunrise at Lake Wendouree in Ballarat on Friday morning.


Just Enough......

Just enough colour in the sky at Lake Wendouree on Thursday morning to make the early visit worthwhile, which also gives me a chance to share an image from last week on a morning visit to Sawyers Bay at Lake Burrumbeet, just as the sun had risen and was starting to light up the trees.


Wintry Windy Wednesday at Wendouree

It's really feeling like winter this week with strong cold winds and low temperatures and more rain on the way today. On Wednesday morning at Lake Wendouree it was cold, very windy and quite rainy/misty which created some nice images, firstly near the Yacht Club and then on the north side of the Lake looking across to the old Jubilee Church hall.


Colour Down Low

With absolutely no clouds in the sky on Tuesday morning, I had to work out another way of finding some nice colour for my early morning visit to Lake Wendouree. The early morning sunshine really lit up the Palm Pond on the west side of the lake and I found some great reflections to work with.
Later in the day I had just a couple of minutes to capture a bit more colour.....


Feathered Friends

Some nice colour at sunrise on Monday morning at Lake Wendoure, once again helped along by a few feathered friends. 
And another image from Sunday morning, this time looking at Mt Misery as the sun lights up the top of the misty peak.



 A nice graphical set of structural images from Sunday morning from three different locations. The first one is the new set of silos that has gone up at Windermere, adding to the collection already there...these ones are much larger - I'm keen to get to the top of these at some stage ( I know the owner!).
The second image is just before dawn as the sun is almost about to crest the horizon looking across to Lake Learmonth from Remembrance Drive, and then to finish a view of some of the wind towers out at Glenbrae.


Sub Zero

Some nice conditions on another sub-zero frosty morning on Saturday. I was out around the Lal Lal Reservoir area, shown in the first one here where one patch of low lying fog was hanging around and when the sun lit up the scene was very nice. 
Not far from this spot  a couple of trees were well placed to shield the sun and create some great can see how frosty it is in these two.
Whilst the first image here is obviously an aerial shot, it may not be so obvious the other two are as well!


Snow Time

It's been a while since my last post. We had a fantastic snow event last Saturday here around Mt Roland and Sheffield and of course I wa...