Winters Swamp to Yellowstone

Thursday evening I headed west to have a look at Winters Swamp, only a few miles out of town, thats the first pic here. Not much happening there so went on to the south shore of Lake Burrumbeet. 

The last shot here is from Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, USA. After 27 National Parks that we have been to in the USA this is still our favourite. With our next trip coming up just over 4 weeks, I figured I better try and go through the last trip, so each day I'm going to post an image or 2 from that trip. Worth coming back to see what I have as we went to some pretty amazing areas - wait til you see the John Day Painted Hills in Oregon!

Black Hill Lake

Some more smokey sunsets from Lake Wendouree on Tuesday evening, and a view of the Lake from Black Hill on Wednesday.
Click on the panorama for a much bigger look.....

Buninyong Sunrise

There has been a lot of paddock burn-off lately in the Ballarat district and its creating some great colour early morning and late evening. Its almost like bushfire season in intensity. This is from Tuesday morning from the top of Mt Buninyong. Just enough low lying fog to add some added drama.


There has been a lot of paddock burn-off lately in the Central Highlands district around Ballarat, and Monday night at Lake Wendouree the smoke cast a fantastic orange light across everything. Here's 3 shots.....the jetty, Ballarat and Clarendon College Rowing Boat Shed and some kayakers from the Kayak/Canoe Club jetty.

Out Tourello way

I spent some time Sunday evening in the Tourello area, about 25kms north west of Ballarat. A paddock burn-off was creating some nice conditions. There are 3 vineyards in this area, and I was fortunate to come across Eastern Peake just as the sun was setting. I believe the netting may be for frost protection, but please let me know if there is another reason. 

Some Saturday Pastels

A bit late getting this one up as the internet had been down for a day, but a brief bit of late evening colour from up at Lake Wendouree.

Mt. Innes Buninyong

I only just discovered Mt. Innes at Buninyong. More of a hill in fact, but it gives some nice views over the township, and there are all these old stone walls from the 1800's. The Great Dividing Trail also runs through this area and this last one was on the path from the Court to the Mount.

7.30 to 7.30

...well almost. Thursday 24th - Sunrise 7.30am. Sunset 7.30pm. The idea was to get a shot at both 7.30's, but the weather didn't co-operate. I went down to Mt Buninyong for the sunrise, but it was raining but still managed to grab these 2. But by 7.30pm it had been raining most of the day and there was just nothing to chase...maybe in 6 months time I can have another go!

The 2 sources I found for the actual times differed by a minute, so the first here is 7.30, the second one is 7.31 - just to be sure!

Boat Sheds

From last Friday at Lake Wendouree, all near the Ballaarat Yacht Club area.

Out to the Windfarm again

This time south of Mt Misery along Ercildoune Road, some great light and clouds and trees produced some great images.

From the archives

Not much happening Monday night at the Lake, so have added one from the archives. Its from Bryce Canyon, Utah - what an amazing place!

Chasing the Moon

Over the weekend the full moon was being called a Super Moon. Apparently it is the closest it will be for 18 years, so I was out Saturday night, Sunday morning, and Sunday evening. It took until Sunday til I got something I really liked. Make sure you click on the image for a "Super" view!


I've been having a great time with the reflections on Friday night, and Sunday morning, up at Lake Wendouree. The golden light has really helped...two from Thursday and 2 from this morning.

Mt Misery ascent 2 - the top.....

So Thursday evening I went out to Mt Misery determined to reach the top. Its not Everest, but is a pretty decent climb, and when I did get to the top and looked south west I realised there is actually 2 more higher peaks, but they were a fair way off .... its a surprisingly big mountain and very deceptive when seen from below. Can't wait to go back.....!

Burn off at Learmonth

I was heading out to Mt Misery again Thursday night and got side tracked just north of Learmonth by this burn-off. Had a few words with the farmer who was fine with letting me get up close and personal. Then raced over to Mt Misery, and got to the top...but those pics will have to wait!

Snow Time

It's been a while since my last post. We had a fantastic snow event last Saturday here around Mt Roland and Sheffield and of course I wa...