The Island at the Lake

Thursday morning was even more spectacular than the night before. Once more I was up for the sunrise at Lake Wendouree and the colour show was almost unbelievable. Here's a couple of images above the small islands on the west side of the Lake, once again showing the amazing expanse of colour when you have it reflected in a large body of water.
Not a bad way to end the year....really looking forward to what 2016 brings!


After the Sunset

Another one from last night at View Point......

The Two View Points

I had some terrific conditions on Wednesday, firstly out at Lake Burrumbeet for the sunrise, and then a fantastic sunset at Lake Wendouree above View Point. These 2 images are surprisingly similar in composition. I've got heaps more to go through....will post some more later on.


A Cracker!

A cracker of a sunrise on Tuesday morning. With the forecast of calm, clear weather with a chance of some fog around, I headed out past Dunnstown and found a great spot on the Dunnstown - Yendon Road and caught some great images across the fields. Shortly after this I headed a bit further east...if you look at the 3rd image here you will notice there was some much thicker fog out that way, so I took a chance and headed over to the Moorabool River gorge. With the fogs moving through I caught a couple of nice, moody images here looking across to the Lal Lal Reservoir  and down into the gorge. As much as I like a good sunrise, I think these are my favourites from a fantastic morning.


Hey, Bales!

As I mentioned in the previous post, after spending the sunrise at Lake Wendouree, I then decided to head out to the great field of hay bales I had visited a few days ago. The farmer had spent more time organising the bales so I had more to work with this time, and the light was just perfect, creating some terrific shadows. You can probably understand why I was drawn back to this spot!


Monday Morning Moods

A very nice start to Monday at Lake Wendouree where some lovely soft pastel colours greeted me. The best colour was actually to the north away from the rising sun. One of the small islands on the west side of the lake is home to massive swarms of birds that only give you the one chance every morning as they make the huge launch into the sky. And this view of one of the small bridges caught my eye just as I was heading back to the car.
Got some great aerials half an hour after these, at a totally different spot...I'll get to them next!


Sunday Sunset Serenity and Smell!

On my way out west to Lake Burrumbeet on Sunday evening, it looked like I had a good chance for some nice light with great clouds. I visited a spot I haven't been to for a while and after winding my way through all the dead carp littering the shoreline, I found a couple of nice compositions. 
The carp are starting to get on the nose a bit....another hot week coming up will test out my keenness!


Sunburst Saturday

On Saturday evening I made a quick trip up to Lake Wendouree. Not expecting too much, I was happy to come home with quite a nice series of sunbursts. By keeping on the move around the lake and watching the clouds closely to see what they were doing, I was able to capture this set from 3 different spots, watching as the light changed. The last one here was the best...the colour had really warmed up and that hole through the clouds is amazing!


Clearing, Baling, Drenching

Catching up on a few images from Wednesday and Thursday....great flying conditions on both days, firstly on Wednesday morning out north of Burrumbeet where some low lying fogs were clearing through the trees.
Then on Thursday I found some old fashioned bales in a paddock at Windermere early in the morning. Most bales these days are the big round ones, so this paddock was a great find, especially as they were lined up so nicely.
And to top things off, my favourite from this set comes from Thursday evening out at Wattle Flat, where this huge irrigator was drenching this potato crop. The views from up high were spectacular as you just can't see this from ground level, and the rainbows were amazing.


The Christmas Moon

Christmas day here in Ballarat was a hot and windy, and though the clouds moved in later in the day, fortunately out to the east the sky remained clear. With the first full moon on Christmas Day in 34 years, and the last until 2034, it was a great opportunity to experience something quite unique.


The Start of Thursdays Travels

I've got a lot of catching up to do as the last couple of days have been great with plenty of flying time under my belt after quite a windy previous week or so. This set is from Thursday morning out at Lake Burrumbeet, a place I have been to many times. However, the shrinking shore line is opening up new sights day by day, always offering something new (apart from all the dead carp!). And the last one here is from the sunrise at ground level...yes, I still take images when I'm down on the ground!


Season's Greetings!

A day before Christmas and I've finally got this years Christmas card posted. With a rare Xmas Day full moon due, this image from a couple of months ago seemed a nice preview....Season's Greetings to everyone!

A Terrific Morning

A terrific morning on Wednesday out at Lake Burrumbeet where a huge fog offered some great conditions, and like last night, the pelicans really helped out. The fog was actually too thick for a while and I had to wait a bit for it to thin out......and I have some great aerials to go through next!


Rural Wanders

On Tuesday evening I was out around the Dean area doing a bit of scouting for some upcoming images I have in mind. Plenty of new potato crops well under way as well as plenty of those large irrigators which can always make great subjects. 
And just as I was coming back home around Lake Wendouree  a  couple of pelicans caught my eye. You see the occasional one every now and then, this was the first time I had the chance to capture them at sunset like this.


The Beasts and the Beauty

On a much cooler Monday evening that what we've had lately, I was heading out to Lake Burrumbeet quite late, thinking I would only have a short time before sunset. Once I was out on the freeway heading west I realised I might be on to a good one...there were some great clouds and with a nice gap of clear sky along the horizon it look perfectly set up for some great colour once the sun had set. As you can see from this set, thats exactly what happened! I haven't been to this spot for a few weeks and the water level is falling rapidly, no doubt the previous very hot week has impacted that greatly. One of the impacts of this is the amount of carp that are now struggling, with them scattered along the shoreline, and lot of them still drowsily swimming in the shallows. And the sight of a large rat feasting on a carcass was another lovely image to take home with me! All worthwhile, of course, when you get colour like this.....


Snow Time

It's been a while since my last post. We had a fantastic snow event last Saturday here around Mt Roland and Sheffield and of course I wa...