Back to Burrumbeet - wow!

Now that I'm mobile again I jumped at the first chance to get out into the district...whilst the conditions didn't look too exciting when I left home, by the time I'd made my way to Lake Burrumbeet the show I was treated to was one of the best I have seen here. Fabulous colours lasted quite a while and enabled me to get quite a range of different images.

Self Portrait

I'm happy to report I am WC - with car! So just a quick trip up to Lake Wendouree Wednesday afternoon. No clouds at all so just 3 images using the light. First is me....2nd is trees and branches, and the 3rd is a reflection across the Lake of the Loreto convent.

Ross Creek Fog

Some nice conditions on the way down to Ross Creek, about 20 minutes from Ballarat.
And my Death Valley Dunes is the Picture of the Day - check it out here..

Somewhere in Nevada

I should be working on my Yosemite images, but had a look through day 10 of our recent trip when we drove from Great Basin National Park in the east along Hwy 6 down to Tonopah in the west. For about 7 hours, right through until sunset we had the most amazing skies all the way. This is one of the many images that day, I'll get to some more later but this one really caught my eye. We were surprised at the diversity and character of Nevada, expecting large open desert expanses (which may be more pronounced further north) but I would highly recommend the route we took.

And a couple from a Sunday stroll around the backyard.

View Point Lake Wendouree Ballarat

I am WOC at the moment - thats without car - so I'm relying on the walk up to the Lake each day to give me some daily inspiration. These are from View Point on Saturday evening.

Misty Friday Morn

About 8.45am I noticed that the dull grey morning had brought in some nice misty fog, so I wandered up to Lake Wendouree here in Ballarat and caught some very nice atmospherics across the Lake, and what looked like a mother swan taking the kids off to school!

Pohono Bridge Yosemite and my backyard

Some lovely late evening light sneaks under the Pohono Bridge in Yosemite National Park, and closer to home, a couple of images from a wander around the backyard here in Ballarat.

Tunnel View Yosemite National Park

Another image from the recent trip....when we were at Mariposa Grove we met a lady who said that if you get to Tunnel View around 4.15 you might catch the rainbow at the base of Bridalveil Falls, and then you can see it make its way as it climbs up the falls. So we had a reasonably long drive from Mariposa Grove to the lookout with plenty of time up our sleeve, until we got around the first bend...the traffic was banked right up (it was a Saturday). Rather than stress out (like I have been known to do in the past!) I just took it in my stride and we finally drove into the parking lot at 4.20, grabbed a parking space that had my name on it, looked across, and there was the rainbow - quite a sight, I must admit!

Mt. Egerton

Had a trip to Mt. Egerton on Tuesday afternoon to shoot some pics of a house block, and got some great scenics whilst I was right up high on this 20 acre block looking over towards the west and north west. And a stop on the way back near the Moorabool River was also worth the effort.

A bit different...

... from my usual posts. Walking up to Lake Wendouree last night the real action was happening at Nazareth House with some great clouds adding an almost spooky atmosphere to this great old building, originally a convent. And I felt the  black and white version was the way to go here, especially with the highlight on that window, almost looks like its glowing from within!

Goldscapes Bus Tour

Following on from the success and interest generated by my Goldscapes Exhibition a bus tour was organised to take those interested on a journey around the Creswick Goldfield. A big turnout of over 50 filled the bus and with a well credentialled local historian on board all who attended had a great day. Fortunately we had great conditions for viewing the 3 main sites we visited and this image shows a group at the Berry No. 1 site, make sure you click on the image for a larger view. The Exhibition is still on until the end of July, possible longer, so make sure you visit  if you're in Ballarat.

View Point at Lake Wendouree

To finish off the week at the Lake, some great stormy clouds passed though and put on a great show at View Point.

Some brilliant Colour

After a late sunburst at Lake Wendouree last night, which lit up the boatsheds, some even better colour followed up from St. Pats Point...this is why I keep going up to the Lake!

Dogwoods at Yosemite

Just started to look at the Yosemite images from our trip and this view with some late reflected light from Pohono Bridge looked like a good starting point, though it actually came in the last hour of our 3 days in the park.

Another full moon, almost.....

The full moon is actually Thursday at 6.13pm, but these from Wednesday are almost full, and came at a better time, just on dusk. All from Lake Wendouree.

Winter light at its best

Another evening session here in Ballarat at the Botanical Gardens and then onto the Lake. Starting with the Statuary Pavilion in the Gardens, then a view of the Fly Fishers Clubrooms on Lake Wendouree and finishing with 4 images from Sails Cafe lakefront.

St. Patrick's Point

I went out to get a totally different image to whats here, but the bright sunshine I needed faded away, so I hung around for a while and some really nice conditions finished off the day from St. Pats point at Lake Wendouree, Ballarat. 

Snow Time

It's been a while since my last post. We had a fantastic snow event last Saturday here around Mt Roland and Sheffield and of course I wa...