Down South at Buninyong

On Friday morning I found some nice conditions in a couple of different spots. To start with, this well placed puddle added a nice extra element to the misty view and works well in black and white.
Coming home a different way to normal, I made a stop at the Buninyong Cemetery for a couple more images......


Colour or Black and White

I couldn't decide which version I liked more of this scene from a misty Mt Warrenheip on Thursday morning...the colour or the black and white...?


Pelicans Plus....

We've got half a dozen pelicans making Lake Wendouree a temporary home at the moment and in the last 2  mornings I've captured a couple of images. Whilst generally just cruising along on the lake, I've found that around sunrise you have a good chance of one or two of them taking flight and though the sunrises have been a bit colourless, there have been some pretty nice dramatic skies making up for it. And the boatsheds on the north side of the Lake were also looking interesting with their prominent coloured roofs.
And just to show you don't have to travel too far sometimes for a nice shot, I caught this guy in the backyard....!


Surprise! Surprise!

After giving up on any chance of a sunset on Tuesday, I was surprised to see a bit of colour developing that led to a pretty nice display at Lake just never know!


Misty Monday Morning Mystery

I'm not quite sure what this white flower is, however they were looking pretty nice on a misty Monday morning at Mt Warrenheip. And the ferns have really sprung to life, too.


The Light is Back......

After yet another mostly grey day on Sunday it was great to see some great light late in the day. At first, an hour or so before sunset, there were some very dark clouds over Lake Wendouree that contrasted well with the light on the buildings at the Yacht Club precinct. To top that the sunset really fired up did the swans!



Another grey dreary day on Saturday had me looking for locations that would benefit from these conditions, and with the good rain throughout the week I thought some running water might be worth a look. I've been to this spot on the Bo Peep Creek many times and was happy to come home with a couple of interesting images.



Grey and wet all day on Friday and with a top of 10 degrees it was hard to believe we are only a week out from Summer. Still, I managed to find a nice misty view out at Mt Warrenheip.
And these days give me the opportunity to show a couple of recent images that missed their chance. Mid week there was a very late burst of colour above the Yacht Club at Lake Wendouree, whilst the last image here from about 2 weeks ago shows a unique upside down fogbow out near Yendon.


Back to Winter

Some interesting conditions on Thursday morning at Lake Wendouree on a day that felt like we had gone back to winter...I was happy to be on the shore and not out on the Lake like these school crews. A nice addition in the last image here when a lone pelican decided to get involved!


Lal Lal Lights Up

On Wednesday morning I made a trip down to the Lal Lal Reservoir, a location I haven't been to for quite a while. Initially the sky was looking pretty flat and grey, however, as is often the case, the sun managed to find a way through a few gaps in the clouds to put on quite a nice show, really helped by the reflection off the waters surface. In the second image here you can see how the water level has dropped enough to show some of the granite boulders around the edge of the reservoir.
The last one here is a long zoom into the Yaloak Wind Farm at Mt Wallace. It wasn't until I viewed the images later on that I realised I had caught a couple of birds who's wings are almost mimicking the turbine blades!


How Many Do You Want?!

Once again I'm putting together a 2019 calendar of some of my best images from the last 12 months. And for something a little different, a number of the pages have multiple images as you can see in the image. Like last year it's a double A4 size, so when hanging on the wall it's a full A3 size. I've managed to keep the price the same as last year....$10 each, so let me know how many you want!


From Dawn to Dusk

A great day at Lake Wendouree on Tuesday starting with another colourful's amazing how much colour we've been getting over the last week, I think this is the third major sunrise.
Around 2pm there were a couple of rumbles of thunder that produced some fantastic clouds moving in over the Lake and to finish off the day some nice subtle colour over the Yacht Club a little after the sunrise. 


Monday Morning Magic

Some lovely colour just before sunrise on Monday at Lake Wendouree to get another week off to a great start.....


Yes, Another Warrenheip Visit!

Once again on Sunday morning I found myself out at Mt Warrenheip for the sunrise. The reason I end up here so often, apart from its close proximity to Ballarat, is that it is quite often the only location that has some exciting conditions to offer. The mountain is a real magnet for low lying clouds and fog whereas the surrounding area can be clear (and boring!). 
This series started with some pre-sunrise fog on the top of the mountain before capturing some nice light amongst the trees just as the sun was clearing the horizon. The last image was looking north east as some interesting clouds were passing through.


Just Enough, Again....

Similar to a post earlier in the week, there was just enough colour at Lake Wendouree early on Saturday morning to make the early rise worthwhile. Can you see the pelican in the first one here?!


Foggy Friday

On Friday morning I was out at Lake Burrumbeet. When I arrived well before sunrise there was just a hint of some mist lying across the lake that enabled me to capture this group of pelicans. However, once the sun had started to warm up the air the fog really started to build up nicely for the next two images here.


Snow Time

It's been a while since my last post. We had a fantastic snow event last Saturday here around Mt Roland and Sheffield and of course I wa...