Mirror Image

A very brief burst of colour on Sunday morning at Lake Burrumbeet was enhanced by the reflection in the mirror smooth surface of Sawyers Bay.

Sun and Fog

I made a couple of stops on Saturday morning, starting with the sunrise at Mt Hollowback. The first shows the sun just about to break the horizon followed a few minutes later when all the colour has gone as the sun is almost hidden behind the low clouds. 
Coming home I took a detour out to the forest plantation at Sulky where some fog had moved in for a couple more images.....that's an upside down fogbow in the first image of the forest.....


From Mountain to the Lake

Once again Mt Warrenheip delivered on Friday morning with another fantastic foggy morning. It's amazing how vibrant the fields look considering the very little rain we've had this month.
And I found this cygnet at Lake Wendouree later in the day happy to catch a lift on mum's back.


Near and Far

A couple of very different images from Thursday from two very different locations.
First up was another lovely sunrise at Lake Wendouree highlighting a couple of the sculptures that are currently dotted around the Lake.
On Thursday evening I had a presentation to give down at Corio Bay Camera Club and I took the opportunity to catch the sunset at the well known Dog Rocks at Batesford. This tree would have to be one of the most photographed trees in Victoria...and for good reason!


A bit of This and That....

Quite a range of images on Wednesday, starting with a very foggy moon at sunrise above Mt Warrenheip before finding these cows in a Dunnstown Paddock.
To finish off the day there was quite a nice sunset at Lake Wendouree......


Golden Fields

As we get further into Spring the canola fields really start to take off and there is always plenty to find north of Creswick. Here's a couple from Tuesday evening........
On the way home the sky put on quite a show around Mt Rowan and I had to quickly find something of interest to work with....I thought this shed wasn't too bad!


Monday Morning Moments

Just enough colour at sunrise on Monday morning to make the early morning visit to Lake Wendouree worth the effort. This set taken from 2 different spots.



The Biennale of Australian Art Sculpture Walk around Lake Wendouree continues to provide some interesting subjects. These feet, from a drizzly Sunday morning, are something a bit different as is the marble buddha just on sunset from a couple of nights ago. Without really planning to, I seem to be working on a bit of project so it will be interesting to see what I can continue to find over the next few weeks.
And if this sort of art isn't your thing, how about a cow at the Bo Peep Creek, some sheep at Windermere and an eagle being harassed by a magpie out near Smeaton on a grey and overcast Sunday arvo.


Into the Mist.....

Some spectacular conditions on Saturday morning out on the west side of Lake Burrumbeet along Dobson Road.....



Here's another sculpture situated on the shores of Lake Wendouree as part of the Biennale of Australian Art. This is from very late Friday evening just as the sun was setting and casting some interesting light. 

Colour Cath-Up

Time for a catch-up of all the great colour we've had at Lake Wendouree in the last week. This set goes back to last Saturday morning.....quite amazing, isn't it?
A couple of sculptures feature in amongst this set, and the last one here was only 20 or 30 minutes ago.....


Mt Buninyong Before Breakfast

Some terrific conditions at Mt Buninyong on Thursday morning with the fog swirling around the top of the mountain .... and then a group of birds came past....



Unless you've had your head buried in the sand over the last few weeks you'd be aware that the Biennale of Australian Art is about to kick off here in Ballarat for the next 6 weeks. Over the last week or so a number of large sculptures of all shapes and sizes have been appearing around Lake Wendouree. On Wednesday morning I found this......

Plover Parade

A few days ago on a run around Lake Wendouree I was looking for new swan families....and came across a new family of 2 baby plovers. Keeping this in mind for a possible photographic opportunity, on a visit to the Lake on Tuesday morning I thought I might see how they were looking and was happy to come home with this set. I was shooting these out of the car knowing how protective the parents can be. It was a lovely sight to see them head back to their mother to hide themselves in amongst her feathers...can you see the 2 of them in the last one?!
Make sure you click on them for a bigger look!


The Other SIde of the Mountain

This is the other side of Mt Warrenheip from yesterdays image from snowy Sunday. A totally different feel to it, though still quite extraordinary....

Snow Time

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