The Yacht

I captured quite a few nice images on Thursday morning at Lake Wendouree, focusing on my favourite yacht. This is my favourite.......

Magical Mt Buninyong

Some great conditions at Mt Buninyong on Wednesday morning. In the first image here, taken well before dawn, you can see the setting moon over the mountain before I made my way over to the mountain to see what I could capture, right in amongst the fog.
Make sure you click on these for a bigger look, especially the panorama.


Two By Two

Two images from the start of the day and two from the end of the day to get another week underway. All at Lake Wendouree, where the weather has been surprisingly mild the last few days.


Super Sunday Shearing Shed Sunrise Series

On Sunday morning well before dawn I was heading east out of Ballarat and quickly realised if I was going to find any nice skies I had to head north. Quite a few miles later I ended up north of Creswick at Allendale West when the colour started to appear. I knew there was a great old shearing shed nearby that would make a nice subject for the foreground...and that's exactly how it worked out.


"Train Time" or "Steaming Along"

We've just had the Ballarat Heritage Weekend come to a close and one of the most popular attractions every year is the steam train rides that goes from in town out to Lal Lal and back. I captured the train on Saturday morning - can you tell if it's going or coming?


Found the Fog

It was nice to track down some fog on Saturday morning for the first time in quite a while. I was out scouting around the Learmonth area, making an initial stop to catch the view from afar across a very still Lake Learmonth. Way over on the other side of the lake I found some nice low lying patches that really exploded when the sun came up.


The Colour I've Been Waiting For

After an extended grey and overcast week it was nice to see some good light on Friday. On my runs around Lake Wendouree this week I've been watching the leaves on the trees that flank the Ex-Prisoner of Wars Memorial in the South Gardens opposite Lake Wendouree. I've actually tried a couple of times to get a few images, always leaving empty handed as the conditions weren't quite right. So on Friday evening about 30 minutes before sunset I thought I'd take another look and conditions were really nice...the setting sun was sneaking through the trees lighting up the scene and the colour on the trees was magical.
And by the way, the last image here shows some more nice colour in the morning on the west side of the lake at the Palm Pond where a few trees are showing some great colour as well.


Eagle-eyed Egret

I was running around Lake Wendouree late on Thursday morning and I spotted a lone Great Australian Egret at the North Gardens Wetlands. When I got home I grabbed the camera and made my way back to the same spot. He had moved from the oringal spot, into an even better spot where I captured a few nice images from 2 different viewpoints. As soon as he spotted me he took off and that was the end of that!


Grey with a Dash of Colour

On Wednesday the grey weather continued, another chance to work on a couple of black and white images. A regular spot for me to visit is this small weir on the Bo Peep Creek as it gives me a good gauge of how the water is flowing. Some quite good flow at the moment that will continue to fill Lake Burrumbeet further downstream.
And if all this dark imagery is getting too much for's a bit of colour at Liffey Falls in Tasmania from back in March. This spot is one of the cascades upstream of the main falls. In any other location they'd have their own name as they are quite substantial waterfalls.


A Growing Family

This set of silos at Windermere, west of Ballarat, are a well known sight on the north side of Remembrance Drive and lately they have been reproducing. Always looking quite massive, that have been overshadowed by the two new towers that have just gone up. Another grey, drizzly day added a nice feel to this image with the stark silver of the silos contrasting nicely with the dark sky. Even though this may look black and white, it's still a colour image.
I've left this one a bit larger than normal, so make sure you click on it for a bigger look.

Dark and Moody

I think these 2 images sum up the weather we've been getting lately....dark and moody. Taken on the south side of Lake Burrumbeet on Monday it was an easy decision to convert them to black and white as there was hardly any colour in the originals to start with. There are some fantastic old gum trees on that side of the lake that make for great silhouettes.


A Walk in the Woods

The La Gerche Trail at Creswick is always a nice place to go for a stroll on a grey wet day as the canopy of trees gives you great shelter. And at this time of the year the colours make it even more special. Though it was quite dark under the trees the oak trees leaves really brightens things should head out there in the next week or so whilst the leaves are still around.


Testing the Lake

I was up early on Saturday morning to run a few tests above View Point at Lake Wendouree and though the conditions weren't too exciting, the view is still quite nice from up high. And I did mention in yesterdays post that I'd had few more to share from Friday...this is 2 views at Lake Wendouree right on sunset and only 6 minutes apart ....  the best light we had all week!


The Base of the Falls

I spent a couple of hours out and about on Friday afternoon and came home with a surprisingly good set of images for what was a pretty grey arvo with just the occasional break of sunlight.
After the good rain we had last weekend I was keen to check out the flow at one of my favourite spots - Moorabool Falls. Whilst the overall look of the falls was not that great with the small amount of water flowing, I thought some close ups of where the water hits the rocks at the base of the falls might look ok. The last 2 images here shows you the difference your shutter speed can make to an image - the first one is shot at 1 second, the last one at 1/15 second.
I'll post a few more later of the journey home.......!


A Touch of Red

On Thursday I think we had about 2 minutes of sunshine and fortunately I was at a pretty nice spot. Have you noticed as we head towards the end of autumn, how there seems to be some nice red colour in a lot of the trees at the moment? There was a couple of trees at Victoria Park that I noticed on a recent run that I was planning to get to, and the brief burst of sunlight really lit them up nicely. In the second image here I had to get out my artistic licence to play around a bit with this view looking straight down!


Late in the Day

Back to the mostly grey conditions on Wednesday. A couple of images from out at Lake Burrumbeet which I realised I hadn't been to for quite a long time for sunset (or what was trying to be a sunset!). A bit of green algae out there that you can see in the lower right area of the first one that adds an interesting colour palette to the image.


Snow Time

It's been a while since my last post. We had a fantastic snow event last Saturday here around Mt Roland and Sheffield and of course I wa...