The Creswick Creek

I'm back! My internet is back on, faster than ever so now its time to settle into the new house. Still quite a lot of rain around is keeping St Georges Lake  Falls really pumping, so on Monday I made the trip right down to the bottom and came home with a couple of nice images showing the overall location. There is still one image in particular I'm after but I was on the wrong side of the creek to get it!


Sunday at Lake Burrumbeet

A quick trip out to Burrumbeet as I try to get back to normalcy...still without internet, thanks Meg!


Catch Up

After a huge day moving on Friday, I wandered up to Lake Wendouree, at the end of the street! 
And then on Saturday a quick trip out to Lake Burrumbeet. I'm doing this post from the McDonalds in Wendouree as we have no internet (or phone) connected yet....hang in there, I am!


On the Side of the Mount

On Friday some big changes....I have moved house! Not sure if I'll have internet access for a few days, so just in case, another image from Thursdays trip out to Mt Warrenheip. The Forget-Me-Nots are back!

Black Hill Burst

I may not be back online yet, so on the way home from Mt Warrenheip on Thursday I detoured to the top of the Black Hill lookout to catch this great sun ray burst. Hang in there, I'm sure I'll be back officially soon!

Colourful Layers

Made a trip out to Mt Warrenheip on Thursday evening. I've been watching this canola field for a little while, and got some nice conditions to really highlight the colourful layers.

Hanging On

Out to St Georges Lake Falls in Creswick on a grey Wednesday evening. I clambered down alongside a section of the falls well away from my usual location here, and came home with an interesting range of "hanging on" images. In the first one you can just see a spider somehow hovering between the branches, and in the last one a lone leaf refused to budge against the continual torrent. Click on these for a larger look, especially to see that brave spider!


A Gong Gong Adventure

On Tuesday I made another visit to the Gong Gong Reservoir as part of my CHW project, this time to a part I have never been to before. It had clouded over by late afternoon so I thought I would have some water reflections to work with in the dull light. Then a few small breaks in the clouds gave me some nice reflected light amongst the trees standing in the water, and then  a late burst of colour from right down low lit up the sky. This is a really interesting location.....there are a number of great granite rock shorelines I could see much further around the shore line that will definitely be worth investigation!


A Range of Light and Colour

Lake Burrumbeet put on a great show on Monday. When I arrived and made my way around to a new spot I hadn't been to before, I could see we were going to get some great light through a gap in the clouds. This is a great series that shows just how much the light and colours can change over a short period of time. Well worth clicking on these for a larger look!



On Sunday, with fine sunny weather, I thought it would be a great time to head out to some canola fields. Out north of Creswick there are some great vistas of yellow that gave me plenty to play around with. In parts I reckon they are just about at their peak, with other patches a bit behind, so there should be many opportunities to make the most of this fantastic season.


Saturday Evening at Lake Wendouree

After a very busy day at home with Ballarat's Biggest Garage Sale, I made a low key visit up to Lake Wendouree just before sunset. After a lovely spring day things had changed by late in the day and it looked pretty bleak for any real excitement. I ended up driving a complete lap looking for something of interest and I was going to settle on some swan in the grey light, and then a small gap opened on the horizon....and this is the result!


Fridays Finale

Things cleared surprisingly quickly on Friday afternoon after and wet grey start to the day and out at Wattle Flat/Clarkes Hill area I came home with these 2......


2 Falls, One Moon

There was a full moon due on Thursday evening, but with cloudy skies I decided my best option for the day was a visit to Granite Falls, and down at the base of them! We have had an inch of rain over the last few days so I expected them to be roaring. The walk to the falls takes you past the 52 foot Moorabool Falls, and though I've bee here many times I couldn't resist a few pics. Its quite a scramble down to the base of Granite Falls and totally worth the effort. This is one that caught my eye....I have a heap more to work through that I'll post a bit later, including another vertical panorama to go with the recent Lal Lal and Moorabool Falls series. 
And to top things off on the way home through Dunnstown, that full moon managed to find a gap in the clouds!


Yarrowee River Running

Some serious rain on Wednesday left me looking for flowing water, and this nice vista was to be found out on the Yarrowee River near the Gong Gong Reservoir. Water flow continues to rise, and with some more good rain over night, I'm keen to get out into it.

Rainbows and Moons

Tuesday's travels were once again very rewarding. I headed out west around Windermere and Learmonth, carefully monitoring the skies to catch a couple of rainbows as a massive dark bank of clouds moved in from the west. Ending up at Lake Learmonth for the end of the day, no spectacular sunset, though in the opposite direction the almost full moon made a grand appearance above the clouds.



With the rain really setting in on Monday afternoon (best rain we have had for a few weeks) it was out to play around again at St Georges Lake Falls, this time from the top of the falls. Flow continues to increase and will no doubt be even better in a day or so. And then on the way home there was just a bit of light on the horizon suggesting the end of the day may be interesting, and I had enough time to drive back to Ballarat and up to Lake Wendouree to catch the last hurrah of another Monday.


Who Needs Specatacular Sunsets?!

Some great skies developed on Sunday afternoon, and though there was no spectacular finale sunset, Lake Burrumbeet once again provided some great images. There's a lot of pelicans around at the moment and its always a joy to watch them glide by, literally inches from the surface. Still very colourful with the bright, almost nuclear coloured, algaes in the water, and the steel blue and grey skies were spectacular. A great lesson on not having to rely on that golden hour light to come home with some great images.


Getting There, and Getting Home

On Saturday afternoon I showed some friends through the Liquid Gold exhibition and then, after being inspired by my own images (!),  decided it was a good chance to then head on down to Moorabool Falls. Had a few delays getting there as a rainbow appeared totally unexpected on the horizon.....and then on the way home there was a very nice sky building over Mt Buninyong. Oh, and the falls weren't too bad either! I had this viewpoint in mind, similar to last weeks Lal Lal Falls images, but that moon was a real bonus! If you can, click on the falls for a much larger view.


The Falls at the Lake

Late Friday afternoon the rain that was forecast finally arrived so in steady rain I headed off to St Georges Lake at Creswick to see how the water is flowing. We haven't had any rain for a couple of weeks so it was pleasing to see there is still plenty of water flowing.

Lake Burrumbeet Beauties

A visit out to Lake Burrumbeet on Thursday offered some great opportunities. First up, the pelicans were in abundance, and the smooth surface of the lake saw them just cruising around. One brave bird hung around the entire time I was at this particular spot - in fact it was hard to get any images without him in the background! Being on the east side of the lake I was quite sheltered from the wind, and though the sunset wasn't overly spectacular, the subtle colours combined with the almost mirror like surface all came together really well. Just another example of why I keep going back to Burrumbeet!


Snow Time

It's been a while since my last post. We had a fantastic snow event last Saturday here around Mt Roland and Sheffield and of course I wa...