Trentham Falls

After planning to go there for a very long time on Tuesday evening I made the trip over to Trentham Falls - its about 66km from Ballarat. The flow is well down but I still came away with some nice images.....these 2 I particularly like. There was just enough of a break in the generally overcast sky to give the sky some detail and interest, often this part of waterfall images is just bright and blown out. I'll put some more up here later on.

Dark and Brooding

Some great skies out on the west side of Lake Burrumbeet on Monday night. And looking east over towards Ballarat some strong colour in the sky - was hard to figure out what was causing it. It had been very windy all day, and all I can think was maybe something to do with dust in the air? Quite eerie to see. And stopped off at Lake Wendouree to catch a hole in the sky.

The Shell

Because of the dull conditions last night I was forced to look for smaller, more intimate landscapes, and this caught my eye out at Lake Burrumbeet.

The Approaching Storm

Another from Saturday afternoon.......perfect for black and white. Make sure you click on the image for a larger look!


Another image from Saturdays explorations....this old house in Glen Park seemed to suited to black and white.

Saturday Storm

After mostly clear skies all week, Saturday afternoon brought some great clouds so I headed out about 4pm and found myself out north east at Clarkes Hill, about 15 from Ballarat, and spent about an hour watching this storm that was dumping a lot of rain over Mt Beckworth.

Death Valley

A couple of bonus images today.....Death Valley, Zabriskie Point sunrise, May 2011

Friday at Lake Burrumbeet, 2 from Xmas Eve

Grabbed a couple more crescent moons last night out at Lake Burrumbeet, and a couple of images from my early morning visit to Mt Buninyong the morning before Xmas.

Australia Day Part 2

Heres a couple more images from Thursday night.....before the show began the crescent moon was looking very nice, and the green lantern just before the grand finale.

Australia Day Across the Lake

Thursday was Australia Day and my yearly chance to shoot fireworks. I spent quite some time deciding where I'd be this year, even looking at shooting from a long way off, but settled for this spot in the south east corner of the Lake. The extra bonus I hadn't planned on was the new crescent moon and venus getting into the action. It was interesting to watch the moon's slow descent from the time I got there and waited for over an hour, and by the time the fireworks were finished it was totally gone.

The 2 Mountains

Wednesday morning, about 9.00am I hit the road and headed out to Mt Warrenheip again as the fog was blowing through again, and then down to Mt Buninyong to catch a few nice images off the side of the mountain. The first one here is driving towards Mt Warrenheip, then 3 from Buninyong  - maybe there is a theme developing here that might make a nice exhibition at some stage.....?

Ebor Falls, NSW - New Years morning

Probably my favourite from Ebor Falls, Guy Fawkes National Park, NSW on New Years Day.


Tuesday evening I ventured out to the Mt Misery area. Dotted with wind turbines this selection seemed best suited to panorama format. The first is a sprinkler at the base of Weatherboard Hill, followed by the herd in front of Mt Misery, then directly behind that a paddock of power. These will definitely look better if you click on them for a bigger look.

The Windermere Bluestone

On Monday evening I went out west to Windermere to have another look at the old bluestone house I had spotted the night before. You can see from the image here how isolated it is, sitting forlornly in a wheat paddock recently harvested. I'm pleased that the owners have let it stand as it must be quite a nuisance to work around, so hopefully I can find the owners and get permission to get a bit closer. Afterwards a quick zip over to Lake Burrumbeet again produced a nice series. These dandelions are huge, about 60mm in width. The last one here is an interesting inversion of the original image, just looking up into the trees

The sunset after the Dodge

Only 5 or 6 minutes travel over to Lake Burrumbeet, and just as I was parking, the sun dropped below the clouds for a late burst, but these 3 are after the sun has set, often the best time of great light. Can you see the dragonfly in the first one?

The CFA and the Old Dodge

Sunday evening out west of Ballarat. Not too far from Cockpit Lagoon, which is not too far from Lake Burrumbeet. I've stopped before at this old Dodge that is an old Country Fire Authority Truck - this time I went it for some closer detail. Not my usual work, but don't worry, I did get a very nice sunset at Lake Burrumbeet after these, I'll post them here next. And I spotted this fantastic old bluestone house, all alone in a paddock....can't wait to get back to that one with some nice skies.

Summer atop Mt. Warrenheip

Probably not what you expected! Saturday morning was grey and windy here in Ballarat, but about 8.30am I had a feeling that there could be some low lying clouds around out east. So I jumped in the car and headed off to Mt Warrenheip, about 12km east of Ballarat. Mt. Warrenheip is about 720m in height, and as expected was shrouded in this ideal low lying, fast moving cloud cover. I explored around the summit more than I have in the past, in fact I had never really got anything of real note on previous visits, but this time conditions were great....take a look!

The Lake @ 30 seconds

Saturday night at Lake Wendouree I experimented with some long, 30 exposures. Its been really windy here in Ballarat all week and I thought these long exposures might creat some nice effect with the swiftly moving clouds, and there was just enough colour around sunset to add a bit more drama.

The Southwest - USA

Going back a bit here to the May 2009 trip. Zion National Park, Utah, Water Holes Slot Canyon, near Page, Arizona, and the Coral Pink Sand Dunes near Kanab, Utah. I thought they were worth thousands of images from our trips that still haven't seen the light of day!

Lake Reflection

Driving around Lake Wendouree on Friday evening and this reflection across the water caught my did this rock nearby!

Snow Time

It's been a while since my last post. We had a fantastic snow event last Saturday here around Mt Roland and Sheffield and of course I wa...