More Lake Magic

Here's a few more from Fridays visit to Lake Barrington. The last two I captured on the drive home, just as you start to gain a bit of elevation from the lake. I figured the last one was worth the effort of pulling over and lowering the passenger window to get a clear view!


Lake Barrington

On Friday morning I made my first visit to Lake Barrington, a very scenic 15 minutes or so from home. Lake Barrington is known as one of the top rowing regatta lakes in Australia (sounds familiar doesn't it?!), however I stopped at a spot further north on the lake. As this was my first visit, and I left in the dark, I wasn't really sure what to expect, though the forecast was good, so I'm pretty happy with what I found!
More to come!!

The Lake

I think I have found my Lake Wendouree substitute! Another lovely, chilly morning ... around -3 at this spot just a few minutes drive from home.



This morning I went to Paradise - literally! It's an area only a few minutes from home and as I headed out I had a feeling I might be in for something it is!


Mount Roland stands 1234 metres above the countryside and completely dominates the landscape here in the Sheffield district. Its craggy top is often covered in low lying mist and whilst the long view is stunning, getting in close to capture its craggy top is something I'm really enjoying. Here's a selection from this past week. It's been great to be out of isolation to enable me to move around the mountain a bit more and see it from different angles......though a couple of these are taken from the back yard!


Out of Isolation

We've been down here in Tasmania now for two and half weeks, getting out of isolation last Thursday. So I was fairly limited in my opportunities though I still managed to find something to capture most days in this great location we have now. This is a selection, mostly from isolation, with the last few images views I have captured from outside our "borders". The last 2 were from Saturday morning, our first chance to get out and do a short hike along the O'Neills Creek trail just a few kilometres down the road from where we are.
PS...plenty of kookaburras in the garden everyday!


Snow Time

It's been a while since my last post. We had a fantastic snow event last Saturday here around Mt Roland and Sheffield and of course I wa...