Bicheno Beauty

Not a bad way to start the first full day here in Tasmania......pre-dawn at "The Gulch" Bicheno....

Heading South.....

We're off to Tasmania on the boat tonight, so my posts might be a bit random over the next 3 weeks. One last image to share, from my trip to Flinders Island last April. I did the big hike to the top of the Strzelecki Peaks, part of the Strzelecki National Park, and found this interesting rock formation up near the top that I like to call the "Paint Pots". I spent quite a while at the top and the fog was coming and going the whole time, creating some great conditions.....

Two Days

I've got a couple of days images here. The first is from Tuesday morning out at Learmonth where this small dam has taken on a distinctive blue-green algae colouring. Plenty of cops around, too, so it doesn't seem to worry them
The next 2 images are from a pretty nice sunrise at Lake Wendouree this morning. I really like the first one here that has a unique shadow effect cast by Mt Warrenheip...and of course a few birds always helps!



On Monday morning I made a visit to the patterns at Lake Wendouree, out next to the rowing course. It's amazing how they change throughout the year...without the birds in these 2 pics you would have no idea of the scale.....


Wow, again!

Here's a couple from another spectacular sunrise on Sunday morning, this one out at Lake it any wonder I keep going out there?!


Warrenheip Wow!

Trying to catch up from an amazing weekend....
Here's a selection from an amazing morning above a carpet of fog at Mt Warrenheip on Saturday morning. In the first one here you can see Mt Buninyong in the distance.



Another spectacular sunset at Lake Wendouree on Saturday evening....
And as nice as that was, the last image here is just a taste of what was an amazing morning out at Mt Warrenheip...I'll post a couple from there later today with some exciting news about my "Natural abstraction" exhibition that ends today at the Backspace Gallery....12-4pm if you're looking for something to do.



Did you see the amazing cloud at Lake Wendouree on Friday night.....!!

A Bit Common

Quite a nice sunrise on Thursday morning at a location I've never captured before, and only about 5km north west of's labelled the Ballarat Town Common on google maps. The second image shows a close up of part of the edge of the small lake shown in the first image...another addition to my growing abstracts collection. And the last was just a quick grab as I was getting ready to leave.


Well Placed

Another great sunrise on Wednesday morning at Lake Wendouree. It's amazing what a well placed bird can add to an image......


20 Minutes at the Palm Pond

There was a very nice sunrise at Lake Wendouree on Tuesday morning with some of the best colour I've seen for a while. These 2 images were taken 20 minutes apart, and as much as I love the big colour show in the second one here, sometimes the soft, subtle colours of pre-dawn in the first one here deserve a bit more attention.


Brewster, Anyone?

Who know's where Brewster is? Because there was some great conditions there on Monday morning with some low lying fog around, followed by an intense sunrise....


Just One.....

I took quite a few pics at Lal Lal Reservoir on Sunday morning...this is my favourite......

Saturday Sunrise

There was a very nice sunrise on Saturday's a few from the north side of Lake Wendouree...


Still and Silent

Here's a couple of images from a cool, drizzly Friday morning at Lake Wendouree. As you can see it was very still......and very silent.



On Thursday morning I took a couple of photographer friends from Melbourne out to Lake Burrumbeet for the sunrise. I managed to capture a few nice images.....especially the well placed reed on the edge of the lake. It's amazing how Lake Burrumbeet can continue to offer me so much to work with.......


The Two Towers

I'm running late today and have only had the chance to share one image from another fantastic foggy morning from the side of Mt Buninyong on Wednesday  Once the sun lit up the carpet of fog it was just a matter of waiting for these towers to show through for the occasional glimpse.

Alone on a Hill

On Tuesday, around mid-morning, I was on my way out to Blampied and whilst heading through the Clarkes Hill area I thought this view of Wombat Hill was worth a quick stop......

One Mountain - Three Views

Monday started off very grey and dull....fortunately the sun made quite an appearance a little after sunrise with some great, fast moving clouds. This series all show Mt Warrenheip from various viewpoints.....



On Sunday morning I took a friend and fellow photographer from Melbourne out to Lake Burrumbeet for sunrise. Though there was no big sunrise there was still some nice images to capture. 
I've been to this spot many, many times and it's interesting to see "Cow Point" has come back. Usually this spot has a lot more water but the hot weather is really starting to take effect with the lake levels starting to drop noticeably week by week.
Is it just me, or does this small peninsula look like a cows head and shoulders?


Snow Time

It's been a while since my last post. We had a fantastic snow event last Saturday here around Mt Roland and Sheffield and of course I wa...