Tower Time

The new wind farm out at Lal Lal/Yendon is really starting to take shape. They have a couple of the towers up, with plenty more to follow. It's amazing how big they are when you get close to them.This is sunrise on Thursday morning.


Colossal Clouds

Some spectacular clouds at Lake Wendouree for sunset on Wednesday evening. We were up at View Point cooling off after the hot day and watching as the clouds developed out to the north east with some incredible billowing formations....and then to finish it off the reflection in front of the Boatshed just added to the drama.


Tuesday Morning

On Tuesday morning I captured a few images out around the north west corner of Lake Burrumbeet where there was some nice colour out to the north east. A detour just north of the freeway at Windermere gave me the final image here....the old bluestone cottage right in the middle of the paddock just as the sun was rising behind it.


Burrumbeet Bird

Though there was no great sunrise on Monday morning, out at Lake Burrumbeet I found some interesting water textures in one of the small bays on the west side of the lake......and one bird!


Sunday Scenics

After the fireworks and colour of the previous night, Sunday morning was a bit more subdued at Lake Wendouree, though there were still some interesting things to capture.
However, the colour came back big time for the sunset at View Point.....!


Natural or Not?

Saturday, 26th January, was Australia Day and here in Ballarat it's when we have our fireworks for the year. Whilst it's always good fun to play around with this once a year event, I actually felt the natural fireworks from the day were more satisfying.
The day started with a pretty nice sunrise at Lake Burrumbeet before I chased a bit of fog out at Mt Warrenheip, and then a nice sunray burst at Mt Buninyong.
Around an hour before the fireworks there was a pretty intense sunset, but if you happened to look the other way you would have seen this fantastic rainbow. 
I did grab a few images of the fireworks, experimenting with a few abstracts....


Hot and Hotter

You could tell from the intensity of the sunrise that we were in for a hot one on Friday...and that's how it turned out with the temp making it up over 40 after the hottest night on record. This set from a very busy Lake Wendouree...I think everyone was getting their walks and runs in before the heat arrived.


Aerial Abstractions

I've got a small exhibition, with three others, coming up next week at the Backspace Gallery, behind the Art Gallery of Ballarat, Have a look at the photo for all the details. All welcome to come along...I'll be on duty at the Gallery on February Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd and then on the Thursday come along for a viewing and a chat.

A Country Lane

A heavy fog moved in just before sunrise on Wednesday, killing any chance of the sun getting into the scene. However, this country lane view out north east of Ballarat was still a nice find...

A Couple of Mountains Part Two

A couple of days ago I posted some images from Mt Buninyong and Mt Warrenheip. On Tuesday morning they again featured in my morning trip, this time from a lot further afield, out north of Windermere. Can you tell which is Warrenheip and which is Buninyong?



Some striking contrasts on Monday starting with a very misty morning at Mt Warrenheip. I had a battle keeping the moisture of the lens in the first 2 images here, though they do add a nice feel to the images. 
And then just after sunset there was the first Supermoon of 2019, this time rising over the Fly Fishers Clubrooms at Lake Wendouree.


A Couple of Mountains

Chasing the conditions on Sunday saw me down at Mt Buninyong where the sun managed to find a way through the low lying fog over the mountain in the first two images here. Not long after this on the way through to Yendon this small dam often catches my eye, and then swinging back past Mt Warrenheip, the sun was just cresting the top of the mountain....I really love the rainbow colours on the edges of the cloud in this one.


20 Minutes

On Friday I went down to Melbourne to do an online interview with the Bureau of Meteorology about their Weather Calendar and photography. The BOM is in a huge building at 700 Collins Street and I must admit it was a bit of a thrill to see a poster right on the street, wrapped around one of the pillars outside the main entrance, with my Mt Buninyong June image on display. 
And if you have a spare 20 minutes, you can take a look at all the fun here... 


From Start to Finish

The highlight of Friday morning at Lake Wendouree was when this kayaker came along and launched right next to where I had been for the previous half an hour or more.....
However, it was the sunset that was the real star of the day. Starting off with some nice clouds above a fleet of small yachts awaiting Saturdays regatta, once the colour fired up around the old fountain it was a spectacular show after a mostly grey day.


The Blue Hour

A couple of simple "blue hour" images at Lake Wendouree on Thursday morning. 
The blue hour (from French l'heure bleue) is the period of twilight in the morning or evening, during the civil and nautical stages, when the Sun is at a significant depth below the horizon and residual, indirect sunlight takes on a predominantly blue shade.
As you can see it was very calm and the light reflections were really nice.



Here's some local grasses, the first 2 from Wednesday morning and the 3rd from earlier in the week....


Colour All ROund

A colourful day on Tuesday started with a great sunrise at Lake Burrumbeet and ended with another nice sunset at Lake Wendouree....


Snow Time

It's been a while since my last post. We had a fantastic snow event last Saturday here around Mt Roland and Sheffield and of course I wa...