Weekly Wrap...Well, Almost......

Another week has passed so it must be time for another Ballarat district catch-up. Some great opportunities once again throughout the week with a range of different views......actually would you believe this set were all taken on the one morning, last Saturday, around Windermere and Learmonth!
Check out the spider webs in the last one...they were all around and under the Lake Learmonth pier you can see from above in the 2nd last image.

The Walls

This is the first chance I've had to get back to Tasmanian images this week. With only three days left on the trip we spent the day doing an 8 hour hike into the Walls of Jerusalem National Park. It's one of the least visited of the Tassie National Parks, though it borders the immensely popular Cradle Mountain NP. It was a very cold day...we actually had a few periods of snow once we were up on the high plateau of the park. Here's a couple of images...can you see Debbie in the first one, seemingly buried in the wild terrain. And the second image shows some of the amazing sponge-like plants you find in a lot of Tasmanian high terrain landscapes.


Foggy Friday

Here's a couple more from last week...Friday, I think!  Lal Lal Reservoir and local area. In the second image here, that row of lovely autumn coloured trees is growing along the banks of the Lal Lal Creek, not too far before it hits the falls.


Autumn Colour

There is some lovely autumn colour around Ballarat at the moment...here's some from out near Learmonth from early one morning late last week....


Still catching up with some images from last week...this pair show some amazing rolling fog across Lake Learmonth early on Wednesday morning.



I was looking up some collective nouns and found out that for cockatoos there are quite a few .....  chattering, clattering, cluttering, crackle, or family of cockatoos, but my favourite is a cacophony of cockatoos. Certainly made sense when this massive group took flight above Lal Lal Reservoir on Friday morning!

Weekly Wonder

Time for this weeks local Ballarat catch up from a fantastic week...this is one image from each day and two from the last day....and there is plenty more to come.....
1. Saturday...Pelican fly-by at the wind farm
2. Sunday ... local lake abstract
3. Monday - Lake Wendouree sunrise with 4 birds
4. Tuesday - Windermere sunrise
5. Wednesday - Windmere Fogrise
6. Thursday - Lake Learmonth sunrise
7. Friday - Lal Lal Reservoir morning
8. Friday - Lal Lal Avenue



I've had an amazing week locally here in Ballarat with some incredible conditions. This image is just a taste of what's to come....this was taken this morning out near Lal Lal on what was the coldest morning of the year so far......And I'll get back to Tasmania in a couple of days...still some great images from there to share.

Evening Light

Our second last major destination in Tasmania was Walls of Jerusalem National Park where we were planning on doing a full day hike into the park. One of the more remote parks in Tasmania, we spent the night before camping at Lake Rowallan where I caught these two images. The first image is a long view of Howells Bluff, one of the massive rocky outcrops that lie within the Park, that I captured whilst we were cooking dinner at the campsite. The second image, also from the same spot, shows the near setting sun across a part of the lake.


Some Rockery.....

Heading north through the middle of Tasmania on our way up to Walls of Jerusalem National Park we made a couple of stops at some more of the incredible scenery that Tassie is so well known for. The first here is of the Alum Cliffs near Mole Creek before we headed up to the Devils Gullet overlook...a long drive up a very rough road that delivered some amazing views.
And just so it doesn't miss out, the last image here is from the previous evening along the Tyenna River literally in the back yard of the place we were staying at just outside Mt Field National Park.


Junee and Tyenna

After leaving South West National Park and heading back to Mt Field in the east, we made a couple of stops. First was a short walk to the Junee Cave where the Junee River magically appears after travelling some distance underground. And then I came across this nice set of cascades on the Tyenna River that I felt was worth a stop.


The Aftermath

A week ago or so I posted some images from South West National Park in Tasmania of the remnants of the recent bushfires. That day was very foggy and you really couldn't get the full picture of the devastation caused by the fires. The day after that as we were heading east out of the park the fog had lifted and the views were clear. This image shows the Needles, one of the locations we were hoping to hike to, however the trail was closed and I had to settle for this view from down below.

How Many?

Here's a few more from last weeks travels....
1. & 2. St Georges Lake Creswick
3. View Point, Lake Wendouree
4. Foggy sunrise, Coghills Creek
5. Lake Wendouree sunset
6. Moorabool after the rain
7. Some local run-off after the downpour
8. How many?!


Not Quite Winter, but.....

This weeks Ballarat district catch-up has a distinctly wet and wintry feel about it. And I'm happy to report after the fantastic rain on Thursday night and into Friday, the Moorabool Falls have sprung to life! One from each day......

1. Pre-Dawn at the Yacht Club
2. High above St Georges Lake, Creswick
3. Morning Mist, Lake Wendouree
4. Morning Sheep, Kelloe Hill, Coghills Creek
5. The Arch, pre-dawn, wet and wonderful
6. Fire in the Trees, Leigh Creek
7. Moorabool Falls


South West Set

This set is from the one night and morning we had at Ted's Beach in South West National Park...and like yesterday's post, all just 50 metres or so from our campsite.....
First is from sunset, the next two from the following morning.....I was pretty pleased when that boat headed out!


Weekly Wrap...Well, Almost......

Another week has passed so it must be time for another Ballarat district catch-up. Some great opportunities once again throughout the week w...