Great Light

No clouds on Sunday morning at Lake Wendouree, though I still found some great light in quite a few different spots.....


Saturday Sunrise

Every year I make multiple visits to the Forget-Me-Nots and capture them in a variety of conditions. On Saturday morning there was some nice very early morning sunlight on them, especially in the first one here where the strong yellow of the rising sun has created an unusual colour palette. These were taken eight minutes apart and you can see how the light changes so quickly.


Moving Fast

On Friday morning I came across a nice stand of trees out west of Ballarat with some fast disappearing fog so I had to move quickly to catch it before it burned off. The sun had just risen and the colour was very incredibly intense. You can see in the 2 aerials here how the fog was almost gone by the time I got airborne.


Pelican Parade

It's been getting really busy at Lake Wendouree this week with the school rowing crews all back on the Lake and in training. To add to this, I came across 5 pelicans on Thursday morning who were not overly impressed with all the activity. The good thing about his for me was that they decided to take off and move across the lake away from the action, and I was able to grab a couple of images as they took flight.


Simple Scenics

I was out around Dean and Clarkes Hill just after 9ish on Wednesday morning and with the huge winds blowing the clouds through at a great rate, there was some nice, ever-changing breaks of light across the landscape. It's quite surprising how green and vibrant things are looking considering how little rain we've had lately.


Ibis Isle

There was a fantastic sunrise at Lake Wendouree on Monday morning, however I spent a lot of time concentrating on what I like to call Ibis Isle on the west side of the Lake. Whilst from ground level it just appears to be a long narrow stand of trees, when you get up above it it takes on an entirely new form. This series covers around 14 minutes, showing just how much the light can change. The last one was a bit of fun...rotating the camera as I fired the shutter!


Sunday Sunrise

When I hit the road on Sunday morning (an hour later thanks to daylight saving!) I could tell there was big sunrise in the offing...the clouds were perfectly placed, though I felt if I went out west I'd get a better chance of the big sky. As you can see that's exactly how it turned out here at Lake Burrumbeet with a spectacular morning. Once the sun had risen it really lit up the west side of the lake looking to the north.
And for the second day in a row, a stop at the silos gave me one last image to go home with.


Super Saturday Sunrise Scenics

I made a couple of stops on Saturday morning, initially out at Windermere for the first 2 images here. This set of new silos is constantly catching my eye and it was nice to find a nice foreground at the same time with some low lying fog sitting above Burrumbeet Creek.
Once the sun had risen I spotted some fog out further west and found this stand of trees creating some nice light amongst the fog. All up, not a bad way to start the last day before we head into daylight saving.


The Start of the Day

Whilst Friday turned out to be a pretty nice day in Ballarat with plenty of sunshine, it was a very different story around 6am at Lake Wendouree. Here's a couple of images, firstly at the Fairyland area where the wind was really howling and sending the clouds skidding through the sky. The second image looking across the Lake,  is a little later as the sun is trying to break free from the heavy cloud cover.


Plough Time

I captured this simple ploughing scene from Thursday morning on the way out to Mt Beckworth to shoot some old farming equipment (amazing place!). As is often the case in my images, the addition of a bird adds that nice extra element. In fact there were quite a few crows hovering around this paddock and eventually I captured one in the right spot. And you can see why this area is so productive...that rich, red soil is ideal for crops.

Lake Learmonth Light

On my way out to Lake Learmonth on Wednesday morning it didn't look too promising for the sunrise. Luckily the sun found a way through the clouds to put on a nice show with the reflection of the calm surface off the lake. A couple of other views caught my eye...this small island that almost looks like an atoll and from this angle it's very hard to gauge the scale. And just as I was getting ready to pack up, I noticed the cows on the top of Saddleback Hill, so I quickly flew over there to grab this view.


View Point Views

A lovely calm morning on Tuesday at Lake Wendouree. I captured this pair at View Point and whilst there was no huge colourful sunrise, the clouds in the first were still very nice. The second image here is looking down at View Point and if you look closer you can see an early morning workout session taking place.


One of the Best

A second consecutive morning out at Lake Burrumbeet rewarded me with some fantastic conditions and amazing images. I've seen a lot of fog this year - none better than this. Each one of these  images shows the changing of the light and in the 2nd and 3rd ones I don't think I've seen such creamy fog before.


Monday Morning Magic

Not a bad start to the week on Monday morning at Lake Wendouree...... 9