Looking Down

On Monday morning I found a nice spot out at Newlyn where this tree was reaching for the sky on the edge of a small lake. Even though the light was quite dull it's still possible to find worthwhile images from up high.

Trust Me, It Was Snowing!

Whilst it did snow a little on Sunday morning there was not enough at Mt Warrenheip to settle for too long. Certainly felt cold enough, that's for sure!
There was a pretty nice view looking to the north as some nice clouds moved through, and the last one here shows what you can find inside the car whilst waiting for the snow!


Can You See It?

A quiet day on Saturday after all my waterfall chasing. A simple sunrise at Lake Wendouree and a good chance to share a foggy start to Friday morning out amongst the hill of Mollongghip.


6 in 5

I've had a little project going this last week to make the most of the good water levels in the Ballarat district. The plan was to visit five waterfalls in five days...it didn't quite work out that way as it ended up being 6 in 5 days!
The first one was the well known Lal Lal Falls on Monday and after going through the images I found this one worked well when cropped down to a panorama format....and that set the tone for the rest of the week. It's amazing what we have so close to Ballarat...in fact these are just a small part of the close to 20 waterfalls I've found all within 40km of Ballarat.
And make sure you click on these for a larger look!


Steam Time

Another image today from the Steaming Cliffs of Lake Rotomahana in New Zealand. As you can see an incredible array of colour in the cliffs and with the steam swirling around it all, it was quite a surreal place.
I'm working on a special little project this week that I'll post tomorrow.......stay tuned!


With consistent rain this month there is a lot of water around the Ballarat district at the moment and I'm making the most if it. This series from Wednesday afternoon comes from a local stream ..... I never get tired of playing with the textures the flowing water creates.


Amongst the Trees

With strong winds forecast all week I wasn't expecting to be able to go flying for a while. However on Tuesday morning the east side of Mt Warrenheip was well sheltered and with a combination of fog and sunlight I was able to capture a nice series of images in amongst the trees.


Blue Moon USA

I was pleased to see one of my USA images has been chosen as the Photo of the Day on the top USA Photography magazine "Outdoor Photographer". You can check it out here.....

Just a Touch

After Saturday's hike at Mt Buninyong, I wasn't expecting to be down there again quite so soon. However on Sunday morning the only place I could see that had a chance of some nice conditions was the top of the mountain that had a nice cap of fog. Once I got down there just in time for sunrise, I was happy to see  a light dusting of snow and though there wasn't all that much, it still gave me something new to play around with. Added to the foggy conditions I came how with quite a nice series. One other thing...it was COLD!


Up Close Up High

On Saturday we did the Mt Buninyong hike and though the conditions weren't that exciting for photography I was happy to stop and play around with some of the great vibrant mosses growing on the trees along the side of the road. 
And these quiet days are always a good chance to pull out a few images from recent days that never saw the light of day. A couple from out at Learmonth on a lovely foggy morning from back in June, and from a couple of weeks ago the wind farm was a nice place to be.


Friday Features

There was a very nice sunrise on Friday morning at Lake Wendouree where I captured a range of images at the end of the rowing course. I'd noticed as I left home that there was a sliver of a moon which I caught above the Judges Box followed by another Judges Box image as the sky really fired up. I was taking a few pics of the amazing clouds when a swan came by and rather than just show the one image I've put together this set into the one image as I was madly firing away as he flew through. With some very strong winds at the time, the edge of the lake was throwing up some nice water as well.


The Steaming Cliffs

The Steaming Cliffs at Lake Rotomahana were one of the highlights of the New Zealand trip, an amazing geothermal area on the shores of the Lake. Can you see whats over in the bottom right corner of this image? They breed the swans tough over there!

Water Falling

With plenty of water around the Ballarat district at the moment, I was keen to make the most of it so on Thursday I made a visit to Moorabool Falls. This series all seemed suited to black and white, though one of them still has a bit of colour in it. Hopefully the wet conditions will continue for a while yet so I can visit some of my other favourite spots.


Lake Stillness

This is a view along the shoreline of Lake Rotomahana, one of the areas we got to visit in New Zealand. Super still conditions made for some great reflections as we zipped past in the small dinghy we were in!

They're Back!

On my run around Lake Wendouree on Wednesday morning I came across this years first batch of cygnets, so I went back later in the day for a few images. One thing I learnt from my return visit is how I can still manage to find a bit of a sprint when a wildly flapping swan charges you...the father was very protective! 
...and the sunset later in the day wasn't too bad, either!


Lake Time

Just a few catch-up images from Lake Wendouree over the last week or so....it's amazing how often you can find just a touch of colour amongst all the grey and gloom of winter


New Zealand 1

I'm back from a fantastic time in New Zealand based around Rotorua on the North Island and its many geo-thermal features. Whilst the main purpose of the trip was for some scientific research photography I was still able to visit a number of sites that gave me many opportunities. 
One of the places we visited was the Whakarewarewa Living Maori Village in Rotorua. We were honoured to have the Tuhourangi Tribal Authority (TTA) chairman Alan Skipwith take us on a personal tour throughout the Village. The hospitality shown by Alan in our three days there was nothing short of incredible and was one of the highlights of the whole trip. Here's a few words about the Village......

Discover the unique geothermal landscape of Te Whakarewarewa Valley.  Being the only living geothermal Māori village, we are gifted with geothermal vents that provide a life-giving energy resource.
See our boiling hot pools and bubbling mud, and learn how our residents utilise and respect the ever-changing forces beneath our land.

As you all know I am a big fan of foggy, misty conditions and I had plenty to work with here as the thermal vents scattered throughout the landscape of the village create some unique conditions. How good would it be to live amongst this and only have to go outside into your neighbourhood to find all this?! The drizzly, overcast conditions really enhanced the images I was able to capture.
I have heaps more from the trip that I'll get to soon - I can now start to appreciate whilst everyone has always been telling me to get myself over to New Zealand!


The Calm Side

A quick visit to Mt Warrenheip on Tuesday morning where I found a bit of fog on the side of the mountain. Luckily on this side of the mountain it was quite calm so I could go for a fly...the other side was blowing a gale!
I'm just about to head off to New Zealand for 5 days, so I may be missing in action.....but I will be back!

Looking Down

On Monday morning I found a nice spot out at Newlyn where this tree was reaching for the sky on the edge of a small lake. Even though the li...