Plover Parade

A few days ago on a run around Lake Wendouree I was looking for new swan families....and came across a new family of 2 baby plovers. Keeping this in mind for a possible photographic opportunity, on a visit to the Lake on Tuesday morning I thought I might see how they were looking and was happy to come home with this set. I was shooting these out of the car knowing how protective the parents can be. It was a lovely sight to see them head back to their mother to hide themselves in amongst her feathers...can you see the 2 of them in the last one?!
Make sure you click on them for a bigger look!


The Other SIde of the Mountain

This is the other side of Mt Warrenheip from yesterdays image from snowy Sunday. A totally different feel to it, though still quite extraordinary....

Hard To Believe

I have so many images to go through from Sunday mornings snow at Mt Warrenheip I don't know where to start...........
To get things underway whilst I go through them all this is one that really stands out for me. As you know I love foggy conditions and when you throw in a snowy mountainside as well, it's a view that's hard to beat. I never thought I'd be capturing images like this in the Ballarat district!

At Last!

Before I get to some lovely images from Saturday, things were very exciting here on Sunday morning. This is from the slopes of Mt Warrenheip....

A Pier Project?

You may remember a week or so ago I captured a nice image of the pier at Lake Learmonth....on Friday morning I found another pier to work with at St Georges Lake at Creswick. Not sure you want to go out on this one, though the cormorant that flew in for a few minutes was obviously a regular visitor.
Could this be the start of a pier project?!


The Reeds

The reeds on the edge of Lake Burrumbeet always make a nice's a series of three different views of them from Thursday morning, and a quick selfie as well!


Taking a Chance

On Wednesday morning, rather than heading up to Lake Wendouree, I took a chance that Sturt Street here in Ballarat might give me something a bit different. Initially I captured some unusual views of the Town Hall tower. Then, just like a few days ago, some nice clouds developed out of nowhere that really gave this view of one of the statues that extra element. I really love the light on the right hand side building too.
Make sure you click on these for a bigger look!


The One Spot

On Tuesday morning there was some nice leftover colour from the previous evening that added some nice tones to these images at Lake Wendouree. All taken around the Fairyland area, it just shows the opportunities that continually present themselves at the Lake. These 4 were all taken within about 15 metres of each other....



There was a very intense sunset on Monday evening, suggesting there was smoke, or maybe dust, on the horizon that created some very deep red colour to the light. I was near View Point at Lake Wendouree as you can see in the first image here and whilst getting down low to capture the swan (can you see the droplets of water falling off his beak?) I happened to look across to the beams underneath the Boatshed Cafe and knew that was the shot for the day. I was almost on my back trying to get down low enough for these two images!


Smooth and Silky

On Sunday morning at Lake Wendouree there was nothing too exciting happening in the sky, so I had to work a bit harder than normal to find something worth sharing....a slow shutter speed on these 2 images really smoothed out the water and added a lovely calming feel.


Spectacular Saturday Scenics

Some spectacular conditions on Saturday morning out at Lake Burrumbeet. Here's a couple.....


The Slopes

Some lovely conditions north of Ballarat on Friday morning where I ended up just north of Smeaton where Mt Moorookyle provided the target. The first couple are looking at the southern slopes before I made my way around to the north side with a little more elevation.... It's certainly looking green out that way!
Oh...and another nice end to the day at Lake Wendouree here in Ballarat...


Start and Finish

I made a couple of visits to Lake Wendouree on Thursday. First up in the morning was a view of the Judges Box across the pond at the end of the rowing course. Not too far from here I found another new batch of cygnets who spent some time trying to mount the kerb, watched over by a concerned mother.....yes, they did make it!
Later in the day right on sunset, the sun snuck through to add a bit of colour to the view across the Lake near View Point.


It's Getting Early!

Some nice colour at sunrise (which is getting earlier and earlier!) on Wednesday morning and at Lake Wendouree I was happy to use this often photographed group of trees on one of the small islands on the west side of the Lake. Though taken only a minute apart it's interesting to see how the birds changed, though the little one on the right was pretty happy to hang around for a while.
To finish off the morning some kayakers came through nicely positioned with Mt Warrenheip in the background.


The Pier

Another early morning start on Tuesday where I ended up out at Windermere for the first image here where some low lying wisps of foggy added some nice atmosphere to the scene. Then it was just a mile or two further down the road towards Learmonth just as the sun was starting to light up the sky before deciding that Lake Learmonth might be a good spot to get some aerials. Some fantastic reflections with equally fantastic clouds made for quite a sight, though my favourite from the morning was this view of the pier at the Lake just as the sun was finding a few gaps between the trees.


Monday Magic

I was out around Weatherboard, west of Ballarat, on Monday morning where I captured some nice views of the windfarm almost lost in the fog and then the first decent canola field of the upcoming season.Shortly afterwards I was flying high above Weatherboard Hill for the last image here. I've left this a bit larger than normal...can you spot the sheep in the lower right corner?


Sunday Scenics

Some great conditions on Sunday morning from a couple of different locations. I started at Lake Wendouree where a low lying fog really put on a show. It was movng through quite quickly as you can see from the first and second image here...just look at the difference in the fog around View Point in the top left of the image. In the third image you can just see the sun trying to burn through the distant horizon clouds.
Realising the fog had moved to the north I then made my way out to the forest plantation north of Ballarat past Mt Rowan. The new growth on the top of the trees added a really nice contrast to the greens, whilst the sun burning through the gum trees also created a nice image. I was heading back to town when one last vierw caught my eye...this lone tree sitting beneath the sun.


Plover Parade

A few days ago on a run around Lake Wendouree I was looking for new swan families....and came across a new family of 2 baby plovers. Keeping...