Colour Down Low

With absolutely no clouds in the sky on Tuesday morning, I had to work out another way of finding some nice colour for my early morning visit to Lake Wendouree. The early morning sunshine really lit up the Palm Pond on the west side of the lake and I found some great reflections to work with.
Later in the day I had just a couple of minutes to capture a bit more colour.....


Feathered Friends

Some nice colour at sunrise on Monday morning at Lake Wendoure, once again helped along by a few feathered friends. 
And another image from Sunday morning, this time looking at Mt Misery as the sun lights up the top of the misty peak.



 A nice graphical set of structural images from Sunday morning from three different locations. The first one is the new set of silos that has gone up at Windermere, adding to the collection already there...these ones are much larger - I'm keen to get to the top of these at some stage ( I know the owner!).
The second image is just before dawn as the sun is almost about to crest the horizon looking across to Lake Learmonth from Remembrance Drive, and then to finish a view of some of the wind towers out at Glenbrae.


Sub Zero

Some nice conditions on another sub-zero frosty morning on Saturday. I was out around the Lal Lal Reservoir area, shown in the first one here where one patch of low lying fog was hanging around and when the sun lit up the scene was very nice. 
Not far from this spot  a couple of trees were well placed to shield the sun and create some great can see how frosty it is in these two.
Whilst the first image here is obviously an aerial shot, it may not be so obvious the other two are as well!


Foggy Friday Fun

Massive foggy start to Friday here in's a range from a few different stops around town.


Now, That's Cold!

Wednesday was the coldest July day in history here in Ballarat....a maximum of just 4.4 degrees. Mostly grey and drizzly all day, I was lucky to catch just a bit of nice, soft colour in the sky around sunrise at Lake Wendouree looking down to the south. Luckily a flock of seagulls and a lone ibis flying into the distance added a nice touch to these images.


Tower 2

After the wind towers from the day before on Tuesday I managed to find some more towers and captured this nice shot on the top of Mt Warrenheip where a low ceiling cloud bank was creating some pretty nice conditions around the towers on the top of the mountain.

Monday Morning Marvel

On Monday it was great to find some of the conditions I really love to work with.....fog. I was out north west of Ballarat around the wind farm at Addington and once the sun had risen it created some fantastic light. The first couple here show the wind towers and what made them so unique is the incredible shadow cast by the blade into the fog and clouds. I took quite a few images here and it was only on a couple that I managed to get the shadow in just the right spot. Just a few minutes after these and only a short distance away I knew I had to stop for the last image here!


Back to Burrumbeet

It's taken me a week to get back to the images from last Monday mornings fantastic sunrise at Lake Burrumbeet. You can see how cold it was with all the frost in the third image here. Just another example of why I keep going back to this spot!


The Colour is Back (!)

After a couple of grey wintry days I managed to find a bit of colour on Sunday starting with a very fleeting rainbow at Lake Wendouree in the afternoon...I only managed 3 shots before it disappeared and the lens got very wet as well!
The second image is from out near Creswick when I found a very nice reflection in a sheltered spot away from the wind.


Rain Rain Come Again

Some good rain overnight on Friday gave me the chance to play around with some water on the Yarrowee River here in Ballarat. With so little rain this winter all my waterfalls are well behind schedule so this was hopefully the start of things getting back on track for the rest of the winter.


All Good Things.....

...come to an end.
After an amazing week of colour, conditions were a lot more subdued on Friday with no sunrise or sunsets to get excited about. I was still able to find a nice set of sunrays out west of Ballarat at Burrumbeet (not the lake) looking west late in the day.
Well worth clicking on this for a bigger look!

Epic 3

Amazingly we had another great sunrise on Thursday morning at Lake Wendouree here in Ballarat. I can't remember any previous run of sunrises like this and whilst this one wasn't quite as spectacular, these views looking across to the Fly Fishers Club were still very nice.


Epic, again!

The amazing colour we had on Tuesday morning was eclipsed by this sunrise on Wednesday at Lake Wendouree. I was at the Palm Pond area where the sky went off the charts and from what I heard throughout the day, there was colour in the sky from Geelong to Melbourne.
I had actually got out of the car at home when I realised there was more to come...though the colour had gone, the cloud formations were amazing to end an amazing morning.
Could Thursday morning possibly continue this spectacular display....stay tuned!


Colour Down Low

With absolutely no clouds in the sky on Tuesday morning, I had to work out another way of finding some nice colour for my early morning visi...