Great Light

No clouds on Sunday morning at Lake Wendouree, though I still found some great light in quite a few different spots.....


Saturday Sunrise

Every year I make multiple visits to the Forget-Me-Nots and capture them in a variety of conditions. On Saturday morning there was some nice very early morning sunlight on them, especially in the first one here where the strong yellow of the rising sun has created an unusual colour palette. These were taken eight minutes apart and you can see how the light changes so quickly.


Moving Fast

On Friday morning I came across a nice stand of trees out west of Ballarat with some fast disappearing fog so I had to move quickly to catch it before it burned off. The sun had just risen and the colour was very incredibly intense. You can see in the 2 aerials here how the fog was almost gone by the time I got airborne.


Pelican Parade

It's been getting really busy at Lake Wendouree this week with the school rowing crews all back on the Lake and in training. To add to this, I came across 5 pelicans on Thursday morning who were not overly impressed with all the activity. The good thing about his for me was that they decided to take off and move across the lake away from the action, and I was able to grab a couple of images as they took flight.


Simple Scenics

I was out around Dean and Clarkes Hill just after 9ish on Wednesday morning and with the huge winds blowing the clouds through at a great rate, there was some nice, ever-changing breaks of light across the landscape. It's quite surprising how green and vibrant things are looking considering how little rain we've had lately.


Monday Morning Magic

Not a bad start to the week on Monday morning at Lake Wendouree...... 9