Friday, August 26, 2016

Fantastic Foggy Friday Fotos

On Friday morning there was pretty good fog in Ballarat so I made my way to Lake Wendouree for a couple of stops. At the Yacht Club the light had a distinct blue hue to the time I had made my way around to the west side of the lake the sun was doing its best to break through and the calm conditions created some lovely views across the islands full of ibis's. 


Thursday, August 25, 2016

Seduced By Colour

On Thursday afternoon I went out specifically to capture an image of Andersons Mill at Smeaton that I wanted to work with in black and white. With a roaring Birchs Creek always making a nice foreground element I was pretty happy with the result. However, on the way back home with the colour building in the sky, I made a number of stops as the views out to the west just got better and better...and more colourful!
I'll almost be sorry to leave all this behind in a couple of days when we head off to he USA on the Book Signing Tour!


Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Workshop Wonders

On Wednesday I had a half day workshop with a fellow Ballarat photographer and we covered a great range of locations, and were treated to some terrific conditions. Starting with a foggy start at Lake Burrumbeet, we then headed north into the wind farm around Addington where the persistent fog added some great atmospherics to the scene. Eventually the sun made an appearance treating us to a fantastic fogbow and glimpses of Eastern Peake through the lingering mist. Heading over to Lawrence, near Smeaton, the well known Berry No.1 Mine pump house building always make a striking subject...first time there's been enough water in the dam infonrt to add an refection to the whole scene. Another stop at the Lawrence Weir on a booming Birchs Creek, before heading back to Ballarat for a visit to the soon to be closed metal workshop I've been documenting...still finding amazing things here after quite a few visits.
So if anyone is interested in one of my workshop tours, you can see here the fantastic range of locations we can visit in such a short time.


Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A Wander Along the Yarrowee

On Tuesday afternoon I decided to see if Spring had really sprung yet. The Yarrowee Trail north of the freeway in Brown Hill has the perfect location to check this......there is this amazing block of land that bursts with daffodils around this time each year. I haven't been here for about 3 years and with a lot of recent housing developments in the area I wasn't even sure it would still be intact. Luckily it is, and as you can see here its looking pretty spectacular! I caught it at just the right time before the sun went down behind the trees that shield the block. The walk alongside the Yarrowee River also gave me few nice images of this small cascade. The first one was soon after I arrived, the latter 2 are about 40 minutes later when some reflected sunlight off the banks added a golden glow to the water. Just shows what we have so close to town!


Monday, August 22, 2016

Morning Afternoon

A couple of visits to Lake Wendouree in very different conditions kept me busy on Monday. Whilst the sunrise had no spectacular colour, the calm conditions enabled me to capture to some nice aerials on the west side of the lake around the Palm Pond area near the Lake Pavilion. Later in the day just before sunset some wet weather created some nice conditions with great clouds and then a fleeting sun....hard to capture as the rain was belting into my face!
I think my favourite is the palm tree......


Sunday, August 21, 2016

Common Sense Prevails!

Chasing the water around the Ballarat district took me to Corinella Falls at Eganstown. It's over 2 years since I was last here, and the volume of water is well up on my last visit. Its quite an awkward one to photograph as the surrounds are quite messy and everything was very slippery - I felt a black and white version was the best way to go. The find of the day was the other waterfall that is running just 20 or 30 metres around the edge of the gully. Normally I would consider this to be just a tributary of the main falls that are running from Corinella Creek. However, this smaller falls is being fed by a totally different creek that is coming down off the hill behind here and deserves its own name - Egan Falls, after John Egan who settled here in 1848. This creek would only run in very wet seasons so I'm pretty happy to catch it....though it was quite a challenge and I had to settle for this longer view. I could see a way to get a bit closer that was probably a bit too risky considering we are off to the USA again next Sunday....I'll save it for another day!


Saturday, August 20, 2016

Two Moons

On Saturday morning when I had a look out the window before dawn, there was not a lot happening out to the east, however out to the west the still almost full moon was sitting serenely in the sky, so I ducked up to Lake Wendouree to catch a couple of images. First one here is looking towards the Yacht Club precinct and then a few minutes later around the north side of the lake a view of the school boat this one you can also see a lone kayaker out on a very chilly, windy morn. He deserves a place in the next Olympics team for his commitment!