Friday, February 24, 2017

Coastal Cliffs

As I mentioned in Friday's Tasmania post, South Bruny National Park was our first taste of the fantastic coastal scenery you get down the south east of the island. And with the sun floating across the landscape between the clouds, there were some great plays of light. This is just one of the many viewpoints from right near the lighthouse before the dark and threatening clouds moved in.

Friday Fun

On Friday evening I got to play amongst the rocks at Lake Burrumbeet. On the way out west the clouds were looking good, however they mostly cleared away, though I was still left with enough to make me happy. It was very windy which was creating some great water textures, even when I've slowed things down with a long shutter speed on the last one here.


Thursday, February 23, 2017

Drama at the Lighthouse

After the spectacular sunrise from last nights post, we had that day to explore South Bruny National Park. The first place we went to was right down the south of the park to Cape Bruny. I's here that we had our first taste of the fantastic coastal scenery this part of Tasmania is known for - I'll get to that next. This post, however, shows the lighthouse and though when we arrived here it was quite sunny, it didn't take long for the weather to change and some dark, threatening clouds moved in to really highlight the contrast between the white of the building and the dark, foreboding clouds.

Final Preparation

I was back at Lake Wendouree on Thursday morning and once again it was the rowing activity that kept me busy. This time I was at the end of the rowing course where a number of crews were coming in and out and from up high you get some great viewpoints. It's the last one here that's my favourite....I really like the shadows of the rowers cast onto the lake surface!


Wednesday, February 22, 2017


After the first evening at South Bruny National Park, I was really happy with what I had captured, little realising the sunrise the next morning was going to be one of the great ones, not just for the Tasmania trip, but for the last 10 years. As soon as I hit the road well before sunrise I could tell the clouds were perfectly positioned for some big colour, and I headed off to the location I had scouted the day before. Coal Point is a great rocky point that overlooks Adventure Bay with South Bruny National Park in the distance. I did post an image from here whilst on the trip showing some of the incredible colour and even as the colour faded the sky still put on an amazing show with the blues coming to the fore. I could actually post a whole gallery from this sunrise .... this is just one of many amazing images from that morning.

On The Lake

On Wednesday morning I spent some time at Lake Wendouree. Conditions were quite calm and well before the sun rose I caught this image of the Ballarat Grammar and Ballarat High School Rowing sheds. With the Head of the Lake coming up this weekend there has been a hive of activity on the lake as the crews put in some last minute training, and in this image you can see the entire Grammar rowing crews meeting out on the front deck of the shed. Quite a unique shot, I would think.
A bit later and not too far away after the sun had risen, a lone grebe swimming caught my eye with the great reflection .... and then the reflection changed dramatically as the swell from one of the passing boats added this fantastic distortion to the refection. Probably one of the best reflections I've ever captured at the lake.


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

South Bruny Sunset

Though I have many more great images from Mt Field National Park, the next day we headed south to South Bruny National Park. To get to North and South Bruny Island you catch the ferry at Kettering for the 20 minute trip, always a nice break on a trip from all the driving. We stayed 2 nights at Adventure Bay and on that first evening we went for a walk around the bay into the National Park. I wasn't really sure what I was looking for as the sun was setting, so I settled on some of the great rocky outcrops that line the coast and waited for the sun to set. This was just the start of a great couple of days spent along the coast...great to be able to play around with water themed images. And the sunrise the next day....WOW (with capital letters!)