Friday Fly By

On Friday morning I was out for the sunrise on the north-western corner of Lake Burrumbeet and once again there was some nice pockets of low lying fog around. The first here is looking east along the Western Freeway and the next is the view looking to the north-east.
Once the sun hit the landscape at ground level there was some very intense light and with the big lens on I was looking for things to zoom in on. Whilst I was doing this a hawk came flying by and I had to move quick to capture the last one here as 2 cars rush by on the freeway in the background.


Catching Up

I've got a huge backlog of images from this week....another great morning on Thursday out at Learmonth where I just caught some nice remnants of fog at the cemetery on the hill before catching the lone tree in the fog from ground level at almost the same spot.
Plenty from the Lorne trip to go through as's a couple from a visit to Henderson Falls after that epic sunrise the same day. 
And this morning well before dawn I captured this nice view looking south from the Black Hill lookout...the fog here really adds a nice feel to this view.


The Pier

On Tuesday I went down to Lorne for an overnight stay and I was hoping for a nice sunrise on the beach on Wednesday morning........I think I got it!


Saddle Time

I'm running a bit late today with yesterdays image..... a fantastic morning at Mt Saddleback on the south side of Lake Learmonth with another amazing foggy start to the day. 
I've been away for a day and came back to a very nice sunset at Lake Wendouree less than an hour ago.  However, if you think that's colourful wait til you see this mornings sunrise from a location well south of Ballarat...I'll post those tomorrow!


Just Enough

I popped out to Lake  BurrumbeetJust Enough on Monday evening, my first time out there for sunset in a long time. Though there were no huge fireworks in the sky, I managed to capture a few that made the trip worthwhile with just a bit of colour to work with.


No Show Snow

No sign of the hoped-for snow over the weekend as the wet and mostly grey weather continued. The district is starting to look quite wet in most places and the run-off into the creeks and streams is building nicely for the rest of the year. Another small cascade on the Bo Peep Creek here followed by one of my district trees that, year by year, is losing its branches and will soon be little more than the trunk.


Dean Reservoir

Though it was just grey and overcast in Ballarat very early Saturday morning, out at the Dean Reservoir and around the hills of Mollongghip there was a very thick fog. I thought a nice place to garb a few images would be at the Dean Reservoir and as you can see I came home with quite a range of different images. Similar to a couple of images earlier this week, the greens are incredibly vibrant as you can see in the image with the carpet of green on the edge of the water.


Morning Evening

A couple of visits to Lake Wendouree  kept me busy on Friday, starting with a multitude of swans on the west side of the lake. Ater a mostly grey and wintry day it was nice to see a touch of colour at sunset after what has been a dull week. With a bit of luck we may even see some snow over the weekend.


A Touch More Green

We are really into Winter now and sometimes you have to work a bit harder to find things to photograph. Luckily Mt Warrenheip is close at hand and whilst it was just grey and dull in Ballarat, out at the mountain there was some nice mist hanging around and the sun was even making the occasional break through. The first one here is another of my district trees that I can always rely on and with all the damp weather of late, the green mosses are really thriving.


A Touch of Green

Another grey day on Wednesday had me searching for a location that suited the conditions. This small cascade on the Moorabool River West was pretty dark for shooting that added a nice brooding feel to the images. The greens on the rocks at this spot are looking great, almost unbelievable in their intensity.



Some good rain the last couple of days has got the water flowing again. I found a great patch of the Yarrowee River that gave me a few nice images.
Some interesting light effects in the last one here where the one second exposure has created the pencil like scribblings on the surface of the water.


Monday Morning Mountains

A nice start to the week on Monday morning with some great colour out north of Ballarat. I made an initial stop at Mt Hollowback for the pre-sunrise colour. A nicely placed crescent moon was an extra bonus in the second image here. 
I then headed a bit further north to another hill, one I have been past many times and only discovered yesterday is called Mt Cavern as the sun rose.

Just a little bit further I found a nice view where a patch of fog was just catching the early light, as was the sheep under the tree.  I've seen so much fog lately that I'm I chasing the fog, or is the fog chasing me?!

Magic Morning

Sunday morning gave me some fantastic conditions out east of Ballarat, just near the east side of Lal Lal Reservoir (which I couldn't see because of the fog!)
The first image here is a bit unusual. The left side of the fog is above the reservoir, whilst the right side is above farmland...interesting to see how it affects the texture of the fog. And 3 minutes between the last 2 images here shows just how quickly that early morning golden yellow changes.


Friday Fly By

On Friday morning I was out for the sunrise on the north-western corner of Lake Burrumbeet and once again there was some nice pockets of low...